Steve and Will WrightThe Game Developers Conference has come to an end and I’ve put together a fantastic roundtable to recap the show.

On the show I have Brent Lassi from, Michael Zenke from Slashdot and, and Michael Gordon Shapiro from (and the man responsible for the Gaming Steve theme song).

Mike even sings a bit of his theme song on the show … something to behold. Enjoy!

Gaming Steve Episode 71 Program

  • Game Developers Conference Day 3 Recap
    • How on earth did one guy create an MMORPG with a player base of 1.8 million people?
    • The Chronicles of Spellborn is still alive and kicking.
    • What are Cryptic Studios and Jack Emmert up to?
    • What did game designers rant about this year?
    • Why do game developers dress so poorly?
    • What crazy game did Steve Meretzky design at this year’s Game Design Challenge?
    • WebWars: EVE sounds freaking awesome.
    • Why is Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures going for an M-rating?
    • Why is GDC the place to be if you want to get into the game industry.
    • Finally, we get all goofy after three intense days.

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