Spore Pineapple!Sorry I didn’t have a show yesterday as I was having “hardware issues”. But I’m back today with a quick recap of GDC 2008 days 1 and 2, plus a little interview with Spore Producer Caryl Shaw.

Caryl sat down with me to talk all things Spore for a good half hour, so stop reading this and start listening to the show. Enjoy!

Gaming Steve Episode 70 Program

  • Game Developers Conference Days 1 & 2 Recap
    • Xbox 360 finally allows anyone to develop for their system.
    • Ninja Gaiden II gets dated.
    • Peter Molyneux does his snake-oil dance for Fable 2 … and we eat it up.
    • Gears of War 2 is announced and dated, guess the rumors were true.
    • Jack Emmert goes off on MMO developers.
    • Interview with Caryl Shaw, Producer for Spore from Maxis.

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