Stephen Glicker (AKA Gaming Steve) has spent most of his life playing video games, designing games, or writing about games ever since he was exposed to a Pong in the early 1970s and was instantly hooked for life.

Stephen’s career in computer games began during high school when he founded his first company Creative Simulations in 1986. During this time Stephen published his first computer game Mall Maniacs for the Apple II computer system, which he also wrote, designed, and programmed as well.

After Stephen’s first successful foray into the gaming industry he attended Carnegie Mellon University, during which time he studied Policy & Management and Graphic Communications Management … fancy words for learning how to run a company and developing interactive games. Stephen also served as the Entertainment Editor for a local newspaper for two years and wrote a weekly column covering the game industry called “Press Start”.

After attending college, Stephen started the Manhattan-based full-service digital media agency SuperNova Productions. This award-winning, multi-million dollar company specialized in creating a large variety of projects for a wide variety of media, including PC CD-ROM games, children’s games, web-based games, cell phone games, Palm games, and games for museums and galleries. Stephen has worked with some of the largest licenses in the world including Harry Potter, The Lion King, and Blue’s Clues, as well as many others.

During this time Stephen also taught courses in interactive design, game design, 3D animation, and related topics at New York University, The New School, and Carnegie Mellon University. He has given a large number of lectures and workshops throughout the country and continues to speak at various venues.

After running SuperNova for eight years Stephen sold his company and has spent the last few years consulting with various companies within the game industry. Stephen also runs the gaming site Gaming Steve ( and publishes his semi-weekly podcast “Gaming Steve”, which covers all aspects of the gaming scene.