Empire Earth IIHey all, this week we have an “extra special episode” of Gaming Steve where I interview Michael G. Shapiro, the music composer for the newly released Empire Earth II. In addition you’ll find:

  • Intro music from Empire Earth II.
  • Turner announces GameTap.
  • The V-Chip is coming to video games.
  • The Nintendo DS keeps on selling.
  • GameTalk: Interview with TV, film, and game composer Michael G. Shapiro where we talk about his music background, how he got into the industry, the development process for composing the Empire Earth II soundtrack, helpful hints for up-and-coming composers, and what games does he enjoy?
  • “Name That Game!” contest winner from last week and a new clip.
  • Some more random thoughts on the daily craziness of Xbox 360 “news” items.
  • Closing music from the Empire Earth II soundtrack.

Get the podcast from this page (77 minutes): Gaming Steve Episode 10.

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