Culdcept SagaThe first new show of 2008 and it’s a fun one! This week I have Nobu Taguchi from Namco Bandai Games on the show to chat about the very cool Culdcept Saga.

And make sure to check out this week’s Show Mail where I’m giving out four free copies of Culdcept Saga! Enjoy the show!

Gaming Steve Episode 68 Program

  • 00:03:33 Game News:
    • Bioshock prequel in development?
    • Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV … what?
    • Over one million get Wii Fit.
    • GoldenEye to appear on XBLA? Don’t count on it.
    • Assassin’s Creed DS leaks info and the Internet explodes.
    • Xbox Live lawsuit muzzles Microsoft.
    • Surprise! Smash Bros. Brawl delayed again … okay, nobody is really surprised.
    • Spore and Call of Duty 4 confirmed for Macs.
    • Uwe Boll returning to low-budget projects … or is he?
    • Nintendo to explode with new releases in 2008.
    • Master Chief not starring in Halo movie? Why is everyone so surprised?
  • 00:43:31 Interview: Nobu Taguchi, localization producer for Culdcept Saga from Namco Bandai Games.
  • 01:09:33 Name That Game: I’m giving away four free copies of Culdcept Saga, find out how to win yours!
  • 01:11:51 Show Mail: I answer your audio and text questions.
  • 01:35:40 Final Thoughts: Everyone all rested up after the holidays as here come the glut of games!

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