Author Topic: Do you support Blizzard's delaying of wow flying Mounts in patch 6.1?  (Read 2 times)

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World of Warcraft's first major patch since expansion pack Warlords of Draenor's launch will be coming in early 2015. Today Blizzard revealed what's coming in Patch 6.1 and the rest of the year's updates.

Warlords of Draenor broke from series tradition by not allowing players to use flying mounts even at max level. Blizzard has indicated that they may reverse this decision. However, this won't be happening in Patch 6.1.

Instead, the development team wants to make the existing transportation system - specifically flight masters - more efficient.

"We have some new tech in the works that will allow flight masters to provide more-direct routes to your destination, regardless of the flight points your character knows," Blizzard said on WoW's forum. "This'll mean fewer roundabout routes; the flight masters will instead always try to send you on the shortest existing route. Hopefully, this will get you to your destination faster."

Patch 6.1, however, will include the long-awaited reintroduction of heirlooms. These experience-boosting, scaling items will be consolidated into a single collection for your entire account much like Mounts or Toys.

"Heirlooms already on characters will be collected into the new UI (similar to other Collections features), base-level Heirlooms will be purchasable from vendors, and upgrade tokens that can be used on Heirlooms to raise their effectiveness to additional level caps will be obtainable through different forms of content. We'll be looking for your feedback on the new system when the 6.1 PTR goes live."

The patch will also continue the Legendary ring quest that will run throughout Warlords of Draenor. The next step will give players the chance to recruit a Legendary follower for their Garrison. The identity of this follower is unclear but Blizzard reassures players that this companion will have "suitably Legendary abilities."

Players' garrisons will be further improved by new upgrades and activities debuting in Patch 6.1.

Comments from wow players on delaying of flying Mounts

And I will now cancel my sub, good job blizz. - oneijack.

Fine by me. Flight in WoW is for content you want to burn through, not for current stuff you want to immerse yourself in. - zanmaru.

Except the treasures are all worthless once you spend the 8 hours it takes to go from 90 - 100. run around for a 20-30g vendor item , no thanks. - Phaze Doubt.

I think this is a good idea myself, chances to explore, etc, sure it might be an inconvenience but they did say 1st patch flying will be allowed. kudos blizz for revamping outland, well needed and I will be happy to enjoy the scenery, we did it in outland till we reached 60 or could afford flying so what's the big deal, timeless has no flying, thunder isle and those areas are crowded all the time. and Kane I agree with ur statement about carebearing be happy u will have an immediate jump to lvl 90 to even be able to play the area as it starts. thanks Blizzard for this awesome looking expansion. - kerymi2

Meh, no real opinion. It'll make the leveling experience fine (same as it always was), but gathering is going to be a pain - hello Garrison! Honestly it's not a huge inconvenience, but I probably won't be inclined to play much till 6.1. - Rainemard  (more wow info can be found at