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The Strange Case of Heren Moorler RP
« on: July 12, 2007, 01:06:38 pm »
"At 4:16 SGt, The Delegation of Ambassadors from Pontas arrived at Luebec Spaceport on Banaqaq. They booked travel at 4:26 to Cair Dolmek. They boarded thier private terrestrial craft at 4:29, and arrived at Cair Dolmek at, 4:57. They booked into the Star of Nuabla hotel in the same square as the Patriarchal and Matriarchal Palaces and the United Auyuelcliad Republic Parliment. The Ambassadors had a brief five minute meeting with President Hullia Huq Marli. Following this, most ambassadors retired, whereas Diplomat Heren Moorler and his secretary Gatnagis chose to visit the working suite and conitnue redrafting the Treaty of Pontas. At 9:59 SGT a heartbeat check carried out my maintenance servants revealed the room as empty. When cleanerbots entered they discovered that the Ambassador and Gatnagis were both dead."

"These deaths are both sensitive and complicated. We have hired you, a team of master detectives to get to the bottom of this. It is essential. Marli himself has expressed an interest. Much is at stake. Please, could you applicants fill in these forms for use by the Republic Records Department."

Sex:             Sexless?
Previous Experience:
Any background information?..........................

"Evidence shall be delivered once we have a small team of Detectives.

Pontas is a colonial planet inhabitated during the days of the Auyuelcliad Empire. Constant failure to recieve aid or re-enforcements made the people of Pontas recently break Republic and Union law and start thier own army and currency to combat local pirates and rival planets. Pontas has grown rich on trade (largley because tax was never collected) and is a powerful planet in the small area in which is is situated. The Pontas Independence Plebescite showed that 87% of Citizens desired patrial independence from the Republic, which reputedly Marli is happy to give. The Delegation arrived to discuss terms of the Treaty. They were murdered.

Your first port of call is, I imagine, to investigate the Crime Scene? By the Grace of the Unspoken, go well.

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