Author Topic: A Letter of Notice of Danger of Deception.  (Read 1862 times)

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A Letter of Notice of Danger of Deception.
« on: July 05, 2007, 01:10:50 pm »
From:Suntor Covenant Home World President

To: All Foreign Alien Nations and Races

   Dear Sir/Madam,

       Please let it be known that the race known as the Suntors will be splitting apart in violent conflict. Let it be known that the Suntorian government will be split in two. The

1st government,the original founding government, was for many Ages, a republic that demonstrated good manner to its citizens and to the rights that they held. Within twenty

years the government has become corrupt and now does not respect the citizens rights. How could this be you say? How could they have fought against the tyranny that were

the Pirates if they had been corrupt? How could they have stood to do these good deeds as well as others? Its simple they did it as a cover up. They did it to keep there actions

under wraps. To gain your trust in doing so. And then to take you all over. This may sound like false documentation or propaganda to some. But the facts are there. But you ask

us why should we believe you? And why haven't we heard of this before? That is also simple. I cannot answer why you should believe us as that is the decision of each

individual. But I can answer why you haven't heard of any of this. Because the 1st government does not want you to know. They have blocked all non government

communications and have banned immigration. Instead of calling the 1st Suntorian government by this or by calling them by there race name they shall now be referred to by

what they call themselves. And this name is the "Suntorian Delegation" but we will refer to them as the Delegation from now on in this letter but you may refer to them as the

"SD" if you like to not get them confused with other delegations. And who are we? We are the 2nd Suntorian government. The non-corrupt government. The counterpart to our

other war-mongering,greedy,and corrupt government of the same race. We are the "Suntor Covenant". We are the people and political officials that do not condone the actions

of our old government. We strive to reunite our broken people and bring ultimate peace all around.We will make our nationality known when we approach other nations by

referring to ourselves as the Covenant. If any Suntor does not do this he must be killed or imprisoned immediately. That is all we can say for now but if you wish to ask questions please do so quickly.

 Thank you,

 John Freeman, Covenant Home World President

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