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how would you describe the poster above you?

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you just describe what you think of the person that posted before you. .

kinda like all the fame rating, but with words, and involving what exactly you remember them for.

of course if you have no idea who they are, that responce works too

Darth Grievi:
That guy who likes the feathered dinosaurs and made those sea-scorpion spore creatures. Real nice, rarely if ever trolls. Maybe just a touch confused in RPs. Overall, an example of a good forum member ;D

A great guy. Worked with him in a few RPs.

Darth Grievi:
Her, actually ;)

An avid RP'er, both creating new ones and joining old. Can be a bit evil at times, but it's for a good reason (Read: Taking god-moddey n00bs down a peg)

Nice girl,good and fair RP player.Likes Role-Play and Spore and hes a younger sister.


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