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« on: June 24, 2007, 03:15:49 pm »
Every child in the galaxy knows the ancient story. Once upon a time, in a very far away place, there was a planet where lots of races had migrated to, thousands of years before even the greatest empires had risen. These lands were free of the politics and the wars of the modern world, and all races knew that this place was the best place in the galaxy. Surely all the alliances of the universe would envy them.

The story went that even the greatest places grew corrupt, and the dwellers of the PeaceLands attempted three times to create their utopia succesfully. The story ends then, and nobody knows whatever happened to the mysterious PeaceLands...

This is an RP that works much like Arcadia, in the sense that everyone has their own character and cannot write for anyone else. There will be a limit on the characters ending on about 8. I would be very greatful if people went out of their way to use spelling and grammar, and well known races entering would be cool too. You should get a feel for RPing before you enter this. If you wish to eneter, submit your bio in the OOC thread. First come, first serve.

Note that the following post does not mean the RP has started, this is just the plot beginning.

Fellow PeaceLanders, we have been living in a state of ignorance! Being oblivious to the outside world! I propose that me and a group of adventurers set out to rediscover the barbaric outer world! Peace does not mean stupidity! If you wish to become part of this Epic quest, be at the Grand Spire at dusk.
Signed - Glor Hixtik

The message had been posted on the digital bulletin board of PeaceLand3 that morning, and was the most unusual thing that happened in the society for at least 500 years, this kind of undertaking had not been attempted since the time of The Seekers, and everyone knows they did not come back...

No way dude, you're trolling me.