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GURPS Lite OOC/Recruitment
« on: June 21, 2007, 03:54:19 pm »
June 21, 2007. The Republic of Yucatan is in a state of civil war. Ciro Vargas' corrupt regime is nearly at an end as his unjust rule combined with abysmal living conditions gave rise to countless rebel factions, some desperate, some ambitious. Combined, the rebel army marches its way to the capital to claim Vargas' head. You, a mercenary, have been contracted to protect corporate interests in the unstable region.

GURPS Lite, the system we're using, can be download free of charge from e23. The setting is TL8 with no magic.

Characters be up to 150 with a maximum of 75 points of disadvantages.

Character Sheet
Points Total:

HP x/x
FP x/x

ST x
DX x
IQ x
HT x






Combat Knife [sw-2 cut OR thrw, Wt:1, ST:6]
Ballistic Vest w/ Helmet [DR:8, Wt:3]


Forbidden advantages are Night Vision, Jumper and Luck(all levels).
Forbidden disadvantages are Pacifism and Unluckiness.

You may choose 1 primary weapon and 1 sidearm.


NameDamageAccuracyRange(Half Dam/Max)Weight(Weapon/Magazine)RoFShots (Shots(Reload Time))ST
Ares 9mm2d+1 pi2150/17002.5/0.6313+1(3)9
Hart .3573d-1 pi2185/20003/0.2136(3i)10
.45 Commissar3d pi+2230/25004.5/0.639+1(3)12


NameDamageAccuracyRange(Half Dam/Max)Weight(Weapon/Magazine)RoFShots (Shots(Reload Time))ST
Ares 1990 5.565d pi5500/32008.9/1930+1(3)8
Standard PDF .3389d+1 pi6+31500/550017.4/0.814+1(3)11B
Ares 12ga1d+1 pi350/1258.4/.853x96+1(3i)10

You may take any native language that you wish, but you must have spoken English with at least a comprehension level of broken. Ideally, we would have at least one Spanish-speaking mercenary, considering the setting. Also, the game takes place in an alternate reality in which Russia and China are the dominant powers, so Russian and Mandarin might be good language choices.

Credits to Curtis Handsaker for most of the weapons.

If you're interested, make a 150 point sheet, choose your weapons, and then post them in the thread.
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