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They Came From Above.
« on: October 16, 2007, 10:24:27 am »
//RP between Somarinoa and me.//

"Sir, sir". the new recruit yelled. "What?" the grumpy commander groaned. "We have detected a new sapient species. We should investigate, we need as much allies as we can in these hard days". The young recuit was anxious to go on his first interplanetary trip. "C÷ordinates, recruit?". "Galaxy 351403 System 06546 Planet 4, sir!"

"Alright, you heard it men, let's hussle, Ugnis, start the Gravitron Drive, Narja, put in the coordinates, all the rest, fasten your seatbelts."

The wormhole opens up, and they get sucked in.

Now, the commander quickly gave orders. "Activate the anti-corrosion shield and the Wormhole shield. Ionise the shield." After all was activated, the commander grunted and said: "Let's hope this turns out good..."

As soon as it began, the wormhole closed, and they were there, only several thousands kilometers away from Vuunega, their destination. They went into orbit and slowly landed with their small scout ship in a thick dense jungle.

It was a typical day for the Aurix tribe. Much work to be done within its small territory; the males would hunt for the day's meals, while the females would care after the elderly, the young, and any tasks within the tribe itself.

The rulers of the colony were both young, an alpha male and an alpha female. Although young, they had led the tribe against a number of battles with a nearby tribe, whom they had very strained relations with. However, no warring had occurred between the two for a number of weeks now, and they enjoyed a relative time.

The males had left into the Catapult Forest for a hunt for a number of hours now, and much of the work in the tribe had been completed for the day. The females sat back and rested. One such female, a youth named Zxzhala, happened to stare into the sky, watching as the few clouds in the sky swam slowly overhead.

She watched as the clouds began to part strangely, swirling and coalescing into a thin halo. Squinting her eyes, she saw as a dark spot slowly passed through it. Her curiosity grabbed the attention of another youth, Xixxia.

"What is it, Zxzhala? What is it you see?" Xixxia statically questioned.
"See? Above, in the Great Blue. The Great Blue acts strangely."

Zxzhala pointed towards the falling object, getting the attention of other females in the area. They all stared quietly out of curiosity. It was then that the sky flashed in a brilliant green, startling the Aurix.

Their startling sent out strange electronic pulses through their electroplaques, which was noticed by the Alpha Female, who emerged from her tent. Seeing all of her females staring into the sky and not working, she ordered them back to work. They reluctantly returned to operation. Only Zxzhala and Xixxia watched until the dark spot sunk out of view, of to the east. With that, the day returned to normal.

*A bit in the past*

"Ok, we're approaching Vuunega, commandor" Ugnis, The Solian flight engineer, said. "Alright, disable the shields". A bright green flash appeared as the shield deactivated."We can forget a stealthy landing now, I think everyone in the jungle saw it" Said Argia, a sassy Argian beauty. " Just land it, I didn't ask for comments.", "Ay ay, sir."

As the small scout ship landed, they checked the atmosphere.

"It's Class Two, it's breathable." Ygnis, The Campian observer said. "Breathable... And what about humidity?"

"65%, sir". "Excellent", shrugged the commander. Ok, first scouting team, goes with me. That means you Argia, Ugnis and Ygnis. Radja, Narja and the new guy stay here"

He went to the weapon depot and took out one Proton Rifle and 2 simple semi-automatic Pneunas rifles, that shot rubber bullets to fend off possible threats. The Proton Rifle was only when in dire danger. He gave the Proton Rifle to Ygnis, because he know he was an excellent shooter. He and Argia took the Pnenas rifles. Then they went outside.

They immidiatly smelled the damp smell of the forest. "Ok, go into heat vision, the trees here are pretty cold, so we should see any creature coming at us with ease. Don't forget to smell, they could be cold-blooded.

They walked for quite abit, and the scenery was slowly changing. The jungle-like trees made place for huge trees with silverlike plating a large tendrils and what looks like two eyes on top.

They finally had bait. There was something here not long ago. They followed the scent to get to their goal.

The hunters had finally found what they had spent the day searching for - the local Quirlax herd. It had taken the Aurix several hours to locate them as they had moved quite a ways during the night, which was unusual. Perhaps they had caught the scent of something. Either way, it mattered little to the hunters now. They had found their quarry.

They stalked it for hours, waiting for a proper moment to strike. They had found an elderly member who was lagging behind, and had spoken to one another through their electro-speak to create their tactics. Soon it would be time.

It was only a few minutes before that time came. The Aurix sprung into action, causing the Quirlax to try and flee through the Catapult Trees. Soon the elder was segregated and alone, while the hunters stabbed at it with their bonestingers. After a multitude of stings (around 20 total), the Quirlax slowed. The toxins were coursing through its system, and it was feeling tired. It slowed to a crawl and, as if in slow-motion, slumped to the ground.

The surviving Quirlax fled into the forest to what they considered a safe distance while the Aurix celebrated their victory. They now began the long, arduous task of dragging the large animal back to their colony -- it would take several hours to get back there, probably arriving around late afternoon. But they knew the females could wait. They always did, and their chloroplastic buds allowed them to go a while without food.

Dragging it inches at a time back towards the tribe, the hunters began their difficult task.

The scouting team was following the scent. "Load your rifles and put off the safety, there are multiple of them.

"A herd?" Ygnis asked. "No, there aren't enough scents for that" the commander replied. "So you're suggestion sapient creatures?"

They heard something. A dragging sound... The sound of capture? Or loss? They headed out to the noise, but were careful to stay behind the bushes.

"I see them. They're cold-bloodeded, there's only a slight difference in temperature." Argia reported, "Ok, normal vision everyone!", the commander whispered.

"They're dragging a big carcass behind them. Should we reveal ourselves our follow them for a bit?" Ugnis asked.

"Let's follow them first."

The Aurix continued to drag their dead quarry through the forests. They were built for this, and with their five members all working together to pull it through the xenosurin trees and undergrowth, they didn't have to stop once for a break. Still, it took time, and while some of the males were getting hungry, their culture stated that they would bring the food to the colony before consuming it. This certainly made it heavier, but it left less of a 'messy trail' for scavengers to follow, and so it was deemed more appropriate.

That didn't stop the Featherheads from trying to steal the meal however.

A flock of 30 or so of them swooped in, and kept tailing the scene, keeping their distance to stay out of reach of the annoyed Aurix, and flying away temporarily when chased off. When the hunters weren't looking, the Featherheads would quickly rush in and try taking bites out of the Quirlax carcass, only to flee again once spotted. The air was full of a cacophony of sounds, disturbing many sleeping species in the trees, including Screeks, and most deadly of all, a Gargantua Ray and its envoy of Neomwa.

Hearing the chittering of a Neomwa swarm in the trees made the hunters stop short, and the Featherheads quickly fled, frightened from the knowledge of a Gargantua Ray in the vicinity. The Aurix didn't move for quite a while, eyes fixed on the large ray wrapped around the branch of a tree and the little organisms ever-so-slightly moving around them. They knew the predators saw them, but after a long pause with no attack, the Aurix decided that they must have fed recently, and very cautiously continued to drag their meal to the colony site. However, they once again stopped short.

The alpha male, Zxixhr, sensed something in the bushes. It was too far away for him to make it out visually, but the electrical signals emanating from the area were strange and confusing for him. He silently communicated to his brethren to remain vigilant. With that, they continued to drag the carcass towards the Deep Mangrove, but with an extra air of caution in the air. They had no idea what was stalking them, but they felt they might need to remain prepared, just in case. This wasn't the first time in their history that a creature appeared suddenly and attacked them, and it certainly wouldn't be the last, they figured. This time, Zxixhr was determined to prevent a tragedy at the hands of the unknown.

"I think they're on to use" said Ugnis, using his subsonic frequency. "What makes you think so?" his commander replied.

"Well, for one, I see that their body temperature has raised a bit. Also, they've been going slower."

"Well, maybe they think some predator is stalking them?"
"Good, point, maybe we should show ourselves?"
"Let's just wait..."

They stalked the Aurix for a while, seeing a huge creature hanging of one of the strange trees. They also saw how feathered creatures tried to steal the Aurix's catch. Aurix... They don't know why, but that's what they decided to call the creatures.

After some examining, they saw all the dangerous qualities of the Aurix. They had a strong bonestinger, 2 claw-end tentacles, and a vicous 4-jawed mouth that they decided to call the Petal of Death. Their killer claws could also form a threat. .They also saw that the Aurix hardly communicated, despite the obviously succesful kill. Meaning that they either communicated above the Eyecon's reach or with electricy. They had no idea what the green pods were for or if they had special exotic weapons like poison.

"Ok, the risk are high, but we've got our weapons and the advantage that they cannot stalk us. March men"

The Eyecon squad came behind them and let loose a howl.

After that the Aurix turned around, and were obviously deciding what to do.
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Re: They Came From Above.
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The best person ever.  She should have won the Peace Prize.

What? No full control over children? You do realize that some of us have particular plans for those children.

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Re: They Came From Above.
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Young whippersnappers with their 2 person rp-creature threads. Ya know what we used to do in my day? Use the pm system. It's a waste posting this all unfinished.

You better modify that post before I start stalking you Plank. Stalking you with knives and fire.
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Re: They Came From Above.
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Aww, I was getting used to being the replacement Kratok.  :(
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Re: They Came From Above.
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2007, 10:39:34 am »
Oh cool I didn't know this was posted here.

This is a story between the Aurix and the Eyecons that me and Yannick write up on my creation's forum here:

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Re: They Came From Above.
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Hearing a sudden, unexpected howling pierce the quiet forest air, their muscles quickly went taut against their hides, and they wheeled around. Before them stood strange creatures of varying shades and multiple eyes. Although their forms were unknown to the Aurix, their overall design seemed familiar to Zxixhr; they reminded him of the local Terrapods who roamed the catapult forest, specifically of the Grendon, lifelong rivals of the Aurix people.

Not knowing the beings' intentions and not wanting them to steal his well-earned kill, Zxixhr leapt upon the Quirlaxi carcass, lifting his chest slightly and arching his tail over his back, giving him a downright intimidating appearance. The muscles in his killing claws refused to stop flexing, tapping his large claws forcefully into the hide of his prey, although this muscle spasm alone was not enough to puncture its skin.

Through electrocommunication, he covertly kept in touch with his brethren, and they too surrounded the carcass. There was no way any ilk of the Grendons were stealing his kill; he didn't care if they only wanted blood. He wouldn't have it. Zxixhr slowly opened his death petal, revealing a number of sharp, serrated teeth lining each of the four deadly sections. A low, barely audible grumble emitted from his throat, although it seemed far from communication - it was too primitive, even for their low technological level. His radula extended as far as it could out, and slithered back and forth. Suddenly his tongue withdrew into his throat and he spat, sending a gooey mess projecting forward, landing close to the Eyecons' feet. Its purpose was not necessarily obvious to those who were not of Aurixan blood, but the large tentacleiosaurs certainly knew what they meant.

One of them took a step forward, tentacle arms slithering in the air.

"Ookay... They certainly aren't friendly" Said Ugnis. "Although we might've spooked them. They're probably not used to our vocal tones, considering most of the creatures here are either used to high-pitch sounds or usage of electroplaques."

"You're right, slowly go back people, until they drop their weapons. If they don't, run and fire when attacked by anything" The commander replied seriously.

They started to back down very slowly, hoping it would calm down the Aurix. Then the commander took out the orb that he had stored in the weapon. He showed it to the Aurix, and hoping they would see them as allies not as enemies. He put two steps forward, dropped the orb on the ground and stepped back. He hoped everything would turn out okay.

Back at the ship, the three remaining Eyecon were clearly bored.
"God, where are they?"

Zxixhr eyed the Eyecons suspiciously; he was entirely unsure as to what they had dropped. He had never seen Grendonites wielding tools before; as far as he was concerned, they were incapable of it. But these Grendonites were different in several ways. Truly they were no Grendonite, but with his limited tribal knowledge, he couldn't possibly make the connection as to otherworldly beings...all he knew is that they certainly were no gods. No god would be foolish enough to show themselves in the guise of the Aurix's most common foe like this.

Several excruciatingly long minutes went by, with neither party moving. Zxixhr assumed a trap, and ordered his Hunters to keep on their toes...perhaps the Grendonites were trying to distract them with this strange sphere in order to steal the food. Eventually he gave in to his assumption that they were benign, at least for now. Initializing a stand down, his bonestinger slowly relaxed itself while his death petal deblossomed, closing shut; this action was closely followed suite by his compatriots. However, the Aurix remained there for another good minute, watching for the Eyeconian 'Grendonites' to make a move.

When they didn't, his tentacle-arm muscles relaxed and he and his men cautiously returned to their kill, and started to drag it slowly again. They had a loose schedule to keep, and as far as Zxixhr was concerned, he would not allow his hunters to waste it standing idly by, in some unwarranted stand down with some unknown species. However, he secretly instructed each of his men to keep tabs on the Eyecon's biological electrical outputs; if the Eyecon were going to make a daring move, the Aurix would know about it almost as quickly as the Eyecon performed it.

The hunting party soon picked up on two extra electronical signals emanating from within the forest, almost out of range. They knew what this was, and they wouldn't stop its progress. Zxixhr suspected everything was to go along just fine.

Suddenly, the orb made swooshing sounds.The que that it got activated. The commander pushed the button on his gun. The indicators on the orb started flashing brightly. An awful screeching sound. With peeping noises, the hologram got activated. When hearing this cacaphony of sounds, they saw the bright flashes. All the Aurix turned around. They saw the hologram slowly appearing and taking form. They were clearly a bit startled. They must've misunderstood. They took their attacking positions. Probably thinking the Eyecons were attacking them, or atleast being a threat..

The orbs peeping sounds continued, with sounds that sounded like they came for Alluv.

"Commander, they mistook the orb's electric signal for us."

"Wait Ugnis... If they come to us, fire."

The hologram took a solid shape. The Aurix looked in awe as the Eyecon's Yrnia's revolution time gets stated, all the Eyecon races are shown, together with a small map showing where they like, some of their technology, mainly simple propulsion systems like gunpowder, but also more advanced things like simple shield mechanics. This all accompanied by sound and scent releases for blind creatures that 'see' by other means. Then, a column of light appeared and cleared up the sky. The clouds immidiatly dissapated. There were the column was weakest, it blew up, scattering bright light all over the sky. It was horrible and beautiful to watch. As the sky turned back to it's normal colour, the orb blew up.

"Well, that went well... The orb blew up.." Argia said, with a sarcastic undertone.

At ship, the other Eyecon saw the bright blue flash that seemed to consumed the sky.
"They found them."

They were startled, all right. The Aurix hadn't encountered an extravuunestrial species since the Permitted all those years ago. And the Permitted had been gone for quite a long time, with that. They had no clue what this strange orb was.

Although they wanted to keep an eye on the strange invaders and prevent them from trying anything funny, not a one could take his eyes off of the sphere as it ejected translucent light show after translucent light show, all the while creating not only a cacophony of sounds, but also a electrical rollercoaster for their ampullae, sending their electroreception into a dizzying spin.

Several images shown before them, with the Aurix confused by much of it. They recognized the Grendonian Eyecon images however, although it may have appeared like magic to them how these 'reinforcements' would suddenly pop up and then disappear just as quickly.

They stood in place, entranced, as the shower of information flooded their neural synapses. They seemed to have an underlying, almost instinctual knowledge of what the sphere of Yrnia was (a planet), while they could feel their minds begin to grasp desperately at the technological tidbits, like a puppy for its mother's milk.

They calmed down as they watched it, although mainly due to their trance-like states, and their tails slowly uncurled, not a natural thing to see of an Aurum as it strode through the dangers of the Catapult Forest. However, they were suddenly spooked back to reality as the orb detonated, sending a significant shockwave of electrically-charged atmospheric ions to bombard them. Many of them shook their heads to try and clear their ampullae, while the others had realized they were still in a standoff between themselves and these ilk of the Grendon.

It was not long before the confused ones noticed this as well, and there was a long, hushed moment between the two races as Zxixhr pondered quickly what to do next. Had this been a weapon? The Aurix didn't yet understand that other species might not utilize the same senses on the same level as they did, and so they figured that the Eyecon had to have sensed the current put out by the machine, too. Yet why had they not flinched? The alpha, maybe a little too little open-minded, saw this as the only viable option.

Initially considering a charge, he quickly froze up as his muscles went taut to try and move his favorite leg forward. He lost slight balance, although nothing tremendously noticeable, before regaining himself. They had used an item he had never seen before, and it operated very differently from anything he had seen before, too. He began to suspect that they may have more of these "confusion spheres" in their inventory, and instead of completing his forward charge, he stepped back, barely missing crushing the head of a local scavenger as it ducked into its burrow just in time for his foot to land flat on its opening.

Zxixhr was no coward, but he needed time to consider his options. His head still whirling from the explosion, he ordered his men to retreat, and the five of them bounded loudly into the forest undergrowth, accidentally knocking into a tree with sleeping Neomwa in it. They were not pleased, and within seconds were beginning to swarm, muffling out their thundering footfalls and obscuring them from view as they made their escape. The Eyecon were now left to their own devices to deal with these vicious beasts, although one couldn't be certain how the Neomwa might act to them in the first place.

Bizarre creatures came at them with the masses. But the Aurix were going.

"Avoid the creatures and follow the Aurix."

Easier said then done. The creatures started biting at them, until they had no other choice. The Pneumas rifles were activated. The beings were rapidly shot back, while quick laser beams made them disappear. This quickly made the other creatures back down.

They were growling at them.
"Ignore them, we have more important things to do."

The Neomwa screeched in frustration and agony as one by one they were obliterated; although they left several wounds on the Eyecon, they eventually gave up and returned to the safety of their Gargantua Ray, hiding underneath his large wings, presumebly hoping that if the Eyecon kept firing, they would be protected by their host's large body. However, the Eyecon did not continue firing, and moved on. The Gargantua Ray kept its eyes on them, and watched as they moved through the xenosurins towards what would be their destiny with the Aurix. Its teeth gyrated in its mouth slightly, and it tightened its tentacled grip on its branch, as its tail curled, the finned tip pointing in their general direction.


As the Aurix party bounded loudly through the surrounding xenosurin forest, Zxixhr ordered them to split up. He had finally come up with a plan...

Viizxhr and Chzzzk were ordered to split from the rest of the group, and head as silently as possible through the forest; they were to keep the Eyecon unknowledged as to what they went off to do. With that, Brviiii was told to return to the colony, just in case. Zxixhr and Kyssh would meet these Grendon-like beings face-to-face.

To these ends, Zxixhr and Kyssh turned back around, ready to face the Eyecons as they emerged from the underbrush, making sure to lower their tails. Although they were untrusting of the species (although only possibly due to their slight resemblance to the Grendon), they would see if they couldn't find out what they wanted with the Aurix.

Even so, Zxixhr expected a bloody battle to ensue.

As the two of them waited, their eyes scanned the area...organisms lay here and there, scattered about as if some child had dropped his marbles. A few Whipscales were burrowed half-deep into the forest floor, gently waving their whipping vines around. A Snatcher poked its multiple eyes out of its burrow, staring at the large beasts in frightened curiosity. Scurriers inhabited the smaller tree-like flora, feeding on the fruit thereon. But no Neomwa, no Gargantua Rays, no Grendon. This would be equal ground.

The Eyecons sniffed about. The Aurix were close.
A lot closer then they imagined. They waded through a bush, to be surprised by the welcoming party.

Two Aurix, with their bonestinger lifted above their head, and death petal open. They looked menacing.

"Back down!" The Captain yelled. "Hold rifles in their direction. Only shoot with pneumas rifles, we do not want them dead!"

The Aurix slowly went in their direction.

"If they'd talk we could use our translating orb... WAIT! Get the translating orb, i'm going to try rewiring it."

The captain received the Translorb. He started wiring it while backing down. "Done! Pray that they are communicating with electroception people."

He put on the receiving agent. He received, and perceived. The translator started up. The Aurix were going faster. In despair, the captain used the Translorb prematurely.

//Aurix language: "Wa dow naw wazzza hurtz u"//

The Aurix looked confused.


"It's only your virginity, loosen up!"