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Sherdia Creature Thread(Description)
« on: May 16, 2007, 06:52:22 pm »
"For the love of whatever gods you honor, someone pick me up!!" I'mk screamed into the broadcaster. It couldn't end like this. The work of millions, entire nations. The first spaceship could not be a failure....2 days left of supplies and Fest might hold out.... The ship's small afterburner glowed as the scout ship plunged into the inky blackness of space.

(All of the words in brackets are OOC. I'mk is the planet's representitive.)

(Here's the  description: Shertia is a dry, acrid planet. Industrial production is booming due to the Hole. The Hole allows almost limitless amounts of Fest(think a gas verision of oil combined with pure energy) to be pumped out of it. The entire planet of 40 million was supplied by this. All Sherdia have basic military training. Due to the fact that all Sheridas live in one large city, industry is huge. Stockpiles of weapons and food are underground. They have advanced very far in  technology, to the point of high-power lasers and robots to do laubor. Most Sherdias spend time thinking and trying to conquer their biggest problem. Nobody is poor and med-care is vey advanced.)

(The Sherdias keep secrets very well and do not share secrets with anyone besides Sherdias. All technology is 100% confidential and is impossible to reverse engineer do to nano-tech self destruction. They can cure most dieases and the only thing that claims lives is old age. They die at the age of 45 and are fully mature at 13. They have not fought wars since ancient times when they figured it would be smarter to cooperate. They are ready for war ,though, because they fear foreign invasion from aliens.)

(Their biggest problem is outer space. Despite easily being able to send broadcasts into space, they could not get a ship into space until the present. They were not picked up by other civilizations because they did not bother broadcasting on all available signals because they thought others would not be able to recieve them. They had vague suspicions of aliens due to seeing a small ship fly by once, just out of orbit. The Sherdias have not gotten into space until now due to pure Fest being in the atmosphere and burning the hell out of any attempts. The first ship had thick, heavy plating.)

(They have plenty of room for industrial and population development but see no reason to as their population has remained steady.)

(They are 8 feet tall and weigh about 150 pounds average. Their organs are very light and most of their weight consits of muscle. They are grey and stand on their hind legs. They have 4 arms and two legs. They eat through a slit in their throats and have red eyes that can see in color and in black and white. They can switch preceptions at will after they turn 13. They eat a kind of bush that sprouts a white and purple berry. They call it a Jystic. They drink a mix of water and fest. 90% water,10% Fest. They need dilluted Fest and oxygen and food to live. I would post a image but I don't know how to post one. Hurrah for crappy Paint skills!)

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Re: Sherdia Creature Thread(Description)
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2007, 08:12:55 pm »
You should note that this one isn't for rp'ing.
Probably not a Goat, either.