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The Element RPG Begins!!!
« on: March 22, 2007, 11:40:38 pm »

It has been ten years since the rise of Veskma...
All the nations had been peaceful until the dark King Eramol attacked.
What is the nation of Veskma was once a port called Heramos.
All the people in the world knew this to be a place of joining for all nations.
But the dark armies of Eramol advanced and attacked, and soon...

In the present day, these are the allainces between...

Veskma has no allainces..

Jubaner and Dawnus are allies

Fyrus and Galena have trade links, but no allies

Kazama is on its own...

And then there is you...

No matter which nation you belong to, you can make a difference

Let the war begin...