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Shadowrun novels.
« on: March 06, 2007, 11:16:17 am »
Well, this is a gaming enthusiast board, right?

So Shadowrun, a Pen & Paper RPG, and video game franchise has a few novels up it's sleeve.

Back in the day, FASA & ROC released 40 ( or was it 42 ) Shadowrun novels. I've read most of them and my favorites by far are Nosferatu and Burning Bright.

And now, they're printing some new books. 6 to date.

Born to Run, Poison Agendas, Fallen Angels, Aftershock and Drops of Corruption. And another one, the latest one, I haven't read yet.

Born to Run, Poison Agendas and Fallen Angels are all part of the same ****ty story. There are some good caracters, but the overall story isn't very good.

Aftershock and Drops of Corruption are pretty good however.