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The Madrakiens
« on: February 23, 2007, 01:54:34 am »

Ok this is my first drawing of the Madrakiens.They are anthropotimac but will move on to all fours for reasons like to drink.

Ok heres all my info so far

This creature has a scaly body ending in a single spiked tail .It moves on its two back legs which are t rex like and furred at the edges. Its arms are furry and have 5 fingered clawed hands. Its ears a large and cat like and it has a forked tongue to taste the air. It has a shaggy horse like mane that goes all though its body length and fur under its neck. On its back are two stegosaurs like spikes that turn red when it is angry.

Eating habits :
They are carnivores and eat any thing that’s meat from other adults of themselves to the creature trees they even eat other people’s children but are a peaceful race somehow. There favorite food is the common frigle which locks like a huge furred winged pig that lays eggs. These creatures like eating frigle eggs nearly as much as they like the adults on them

The creature trees
These are animals that look like blue rose trees but my creatures can see through there disguise with there good eye sight and hearing.


These creatures are a peace full race only attacking if hungry and thinks your food or if threatened .A noble and proud race but extremely vain and many have been killed while grooming themselves looking at the ice like a mirror. They are hot tempered and if provoked the spikes on the back will turn red with the extra blood rushing through the large blood vessels inside them. This is just a warning and if not regarded and the provoker keeps on annoying them they will attack.

The madrikions are as I have already said a vain race and think they are perfect and would never abduct other creature for genetic reasons but may abduct them in the interest of science or beer for you see they find a mix of blended creatures from different planets mixed with yeast makes the best cocktail in the world or so they say .A gory end for that creature

There aircraft are large and made of a genetically made material that is a mix of ice and metal this stops the craft from over heating and makes it a good cooler for the beer they make

So far Madrikion astronauts all were a blue metal suit that has a range of weapons like machine guns and mini rm bombs but hardly ever use them but keep them after a war with the torpals

They use mainly rm bombs. This stands for radioactive mutagen that doesn’t always work but can make those exposed to it mutate into a half Madrikion the other half of there dna is still there real dna though

Torpal war:
As I said that they made beer out of other creatures well they tried to do it with a torpal, who was the captain of a nearby warship, who luckily escaped, but not so lucky for the madrikions, as the Torpals found this a fantastic excuse for a planetary war which raged on for 50 years. The torpals killed most of the madrikions but some survived using rm bombs. The war finally ended when, after recognizing that the madrikions' pride would cause them to continue fighting until they were destroyed, the torpals signed a truce out of respect for the madrikions. Out of the 13 million madrikions who went to war only 100,000 survived and the torpals won with only one million casualties (out of the same amount of soldiers)