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Quantum Star -- Text based conquer the galaxy game.
« on: February 20, 2007, 02:07:47 am »

Phedorus Phase 3 is now open. The game has not started yet, and is not projected to start until the 23rd of February. If you are interested in the game or wish to play, all you need to do is, create an account here and join the game. Good luck to the players, and may the best win!
The game is paused.  You can join, but you really can't do anything but shop and move.

In the year 2092, one hundred and twenty five years after man's momentus Apollo 11 mission to the moon, the four-member crew of the Starship Excelsior became the first the first humans to travel to another star system. The celebrations and excitement on Earth were intense, to say the least. Wild parties were thrown which taxed the resources of police departments around the world, the media was caught up in a frenzied coverage of the event, politicians praised their own efforts and Jonathon Browning, a nondescript technician at the sprawling SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute in Arizona received the first communication from an alien species.

The United Nations was aghast at the message. Humanity shared a collective sense of rage and indignation. Far from the over-popularised demand of "Take me to your leader", the message was a polite but obviously threatening warning, advising mankind never to leave the Solar System again or risk war with a technologically advanced alien species. After months of heated debate and political manoeuvring, the reply was broadcast into deep space, a challenging request that the aliens mind their own business and steer clear of humanity's expansion into the galaxy.

The response of the aliens was swift and horribly brutal. A fleet of streamlined starships entered Earth's orbit a few weeks later and without provocation or a hint of warning, proceeded to pound into rubble the proud capital cities of the world powers. The resulting chaos plunged Earth into a new Dark Age.

Economies stalled and crashed, countries descended into mayhem and war, famine was widespread and the situation was exacerbated by the accidental launch of a handful of nuclear missiles from various locations around the globe. Fighting against war, famine, long-forgotten diseases, radioactive hotspots and economic ruin, it took almost ten years for a new order to emerge, one ruled by the iron-fisted influence of the new age Corporations.

Gradually order returned to the world under the control of the Corporations. But a fatal shortage of food and raw resources was the only stumbling block to their domination of the planet. Research into space travel was resurrected. In the New Age economies, private companies and entrepreneurs invested funds into the research and slowly a gradual process of integration and alliances gave birth to the first Clans, great organisations that encompassed Corporations, their allies and entire populations. The dawning of the first Warp Engine Drive, combining old Ion Propulsion Engines with experimental Wormhole technology, acted as a catalyst to speed up the development of spaceships capable of instantaneous interstellar travel.

Earth's orbit became cluttered with dozens of orbiting Manufacturing Stations churning out advanced spacecraft to serve the needs of the Clans. Freighters, Battleships, Harvester ships for mining, Colony ships and single-pilot Fighters were built as well as a host of other exotic starships. Rivalry and competition resulted in spates of sabotage and industrial espionage as the Clans fought for supremacy of the new technologies that were being developed day by day.

In 2123, the first interstellar starships left the Sol system and expanded the reach of the Clans to other star systems. These early exploratory missions were to act as the platform from which to launch an all out assault on the galaxy. Star Systems were mapped and explored for signs of fuel or metals, whether from meteorites or planets. Aliens were encountered but humanity's fleets of advanced spacecraft were able to repel many of the attacks. The alien species were many. New alliances and peace treaties were signed but the aggressiveness and savagery of other extraterrestrial species led to many attacks and raids.

As mankind continued the expansion, rivalry and competition took a further step and fuelled wars and arguments between the Clans. Soon all out war was to ready erupt, Clans allied themselves with others and in time not even the Sol System was safe from attacks and raids by rival Clan members.

The year is now 2126. The Clans and individuals have agreed that this will be the year that humanity will at long last colonise the galaxy. A new age has dawned for mankind, an age of interstellar travel, Clan wars, extraterrestrial races and alien raids, an age of colonisation and exploration, an age of Solar Empires.

One of my friends told me about this game.  It should be starting up again next week. 

It sounds like it will play like a text version of Twilight Imperium. 

I'm going to join once I come up with a screen name appropriate to the setting.

There's less than 10 people signed up so far so it's going to get up close and personal really quickly.

See you there.

There are four people playing.  Three of them have never played before.  This should get interesting.
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