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Re: The Historical Superpower RP.
« Reply #315 on: April 07, 2007, 06:37:35 pm »
The workshop lit up as a fountain of sorts erupted from the floor. It quickly washed over the group and removed them from the room, Norman stepped toward it to make his exit. Across the workshop the main doors opened up and Bernardo stepped through showing no signs of the previous battle. Norman noticed him only a moment before he stepped into the portal.

"We'll be seeing you." Bernardo called loudly, his voice echoing through the closing portal and flowing into the room on the other side.

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Re: The Historical Superpower RP.
« Reply #316 on: April 07, 2007, 07:57:21 pm »
Norman stepped through the portal, the others following close after.  "And we you," he called over his shoulder.

As soon as the last person stepped through the portal vanished and a man in mages robes stepped forward.  "I thought you said Bernardo was dead."

"I thought he was.  It was very convincing, what with them offering the grace period and the pool of blood from the stab wound."

"We'll figure out how to deal with them later, for now you get that cure and I'll sort out these fellows."  Norman walked out and the man turned to the others.  "So, where, exactly, would you like to go?"

Shortly after the portal closed within Bernardo's base another opened just outside it.  Normans mare, who wasn't entirely surprised by such a thing, trotted merrily through as soon as she saw her master on the other side.  Five minutes later they appeared outside Normans cottage and he put her in the stable with a fresh bale of hay.  Stepping into the house he called out to the house keeper.  "Martha, pack the things, we're moving."


"I've upset a powerful organization and they probably know where I live."

"So the usual then?"

"Indeed."  Martha sighed and stooped over to pull the welcome mat inside.  A moment later there was a blinding flash and the cottage and stable were gone, leaving only a square of dirt which would be a square of grass in two months time.
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Re: The Historical Superpower RP.
« Reply #317 on: April 08, 2007, 01:48:36 pm »
The Rapier stepped forward and found himself in the townhouse of Percival Goodwine. An elderly man in a butler's uniform regarded him casually.
"Back already sir? If you had warned me I would have had dinner waiting." he said, as though a man just materialising in the room was an everyday occurence.
"No, never mind that Shilling" replied The Rapier. "Send a runner to Mister Forester's residence and tell him I require his services.".
"Mister Forrester the haberdasher, or Mister Forrester the magician, sir?"
"The magician, but thank you for reminding me, I will be requiring the former's services tomorrow."

While he waited The Rapier sat down to write. Four letters, and on the back of each one a handprint in black ink. When Forrester arrived, a considerable sum of money changed hands. Later that day, four black carrier pigeons set out across the country, each carrying a letter reading:

"It seems we each have a talent which benefits each other of our band. It would be a shame if the talent was squandered. Should anyone have need of our services together, simply place a hand on the print overleaf and speak, and the rest will hear. In these troubled times, may we serve as a warning to those who would do their fellow man harm, and strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.
When we each press our hand against this paper we become The Order of the Black Hand. May it ever wield the sword of that which is true and good.

Your Steadfast Thumb,
The Black Rapier"


In his Laboratory, below his house on the outskirts of Geneva, Remy Serpentine smiled as he raised his hand over the body of Zacharria Swer. A mind like that was just too good to waste.
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Re: The Historical Superpower RP.
« Reply #318 on: April 08, 2007, 02:59:19 pm »
Edward stepped forward and disappears from the group and reappears in his house. After a few hours of reflection of his actions in the the events of the adventure, a black pigeon flew in through a window. Edward removes the message from its leg and the bird returns to the Goodwine Estate. Reading over the letter, Edward takes a look at the sum of money as he comes to the final line.

When we each press our hand against this paper we become The Order of the Black Hand. May it ever wield the sword of that which is true and good.

Closing his eyes, he places his hand on the front of the page and takes a deep breath. Releasing it, he removes his hand and returns to letter to its envelope and places it in a safe place. Taking the money, he makes his way to the home of a known local martial artist teacher.
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Re: The Historical Superpower RP.
« Reply #319 on: April 08, 2007, 03:14:43 pm »
Johann read the letter with some slow deliberation, carefully. He touched the parchment, lightly, as though holding some revered and sacred object. He looked at the money. He drank. He thought. He dreamed. Over the Ocean, was a land. There were no Lords. There were no Kings. No Bishops, Dukes, Barons...No people with no right to rule save being born, something Johann always smirked at, having himself achieved this. A land of freedom, oppurtunity and promise, guided only by peasants and thier peity, a new nation was being formed.

Johann made way for the new order of things, the new nation: America.

Of course, he would always be on hand for the Order too....
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Re: The Historical Superpower RP.
« Reply #320 on: April 08, 2007, 07:20:35 pm »
One year later...

Bernardo sat down at his workbench and pulled a piece of parchment from his coat pocket, it had an elaborate rune drawn on it's surface.

"Suscipio" Bernardo said, the parchment went blank and a map of the world appeared.

"Sister Genevive." Bernardo mumbled.

A small wheel appeared on the map and the image zoomed in on it's position, it marked the current location of Genevive. Bernardo smiled and put the parchment back into his coat pocket. Schala walked in carrying a small bundle, their son Vincente; she sat down next to Bernardo and looked at their child.

"What is our next plan of action?" Schala asked.

"Genevive is out of the country... she will never be allowed to come back. I have decided to let time play it's part, Genevive will be allowed to die at a ripe old age." Bernardo said "However, her children must be born on foreign soil... that is our mission. She will never again walk the streets of Geneva or any part of Switzerland. We will have success with this campaign."

"I think it a very wise choice..." Schala said, tending to the child.

"Yes... it will mark the beginning of a new Brotherhood policy. Already Agents are being recalled, only Agents in critical locations will remain. On the outside the Order will shrink into nothingness, biding it's time until it's true calling. I will instruct my successors to follow this tenant until the time is right... it will be many millennia... but it shall come to pass." Bernardo said.

"And what of Lazarus?" Schala asked.

"This place will be his tomb... I have put in place a seal that only the Grandmaster of the Brotherhood can break... may the fates be kind to us and never allow him to see the light of day again..." Bernardo said "For I shudder to think what would happen to this world if he rose..."

And so time passed...

Vincente grew up and, much to his father's dismay, parted with the Brotherhood severing all contact with his roots. Genevive became old and withered and died a happy woman with many children, none of whom had been born on Swiss soil. Bernardo died at the age of seventy two and disappeared into the annals of history, his stories and achievements only murmured in secret by madmen and thieves. And Lazarus, in whom Bernardo had placed the future of the Brotherhood, was buried along with the Brotherhood's church in Geneva, never to be raised again under penalty of death.

There were other adventures in Bernardo's lifetime, but none so fantastic or destructive. In the end it was Schala, Bernardo's wife and the Brotherhood's Right Hand, who propelled the Brotherhood into greatness. She ushered in a golden age and made certain to continue on her late husband's work. When her time finally came, it was if the world had stopped; so deep was the love for Schala and her work that every Brother and Sister attended her funeral, even sworn enemies took note and gave a moment of their time.

And so it is appropriate that the next great adventure, which would see the conflicts of old resurface, was poised to begin. With great change on the horizon all over the world it would seem an inevitability that somewhere, something would happen; an event with the potential to change the very landscape of the Earth...