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RP- A new film
« on: January 31, 2007, 02:22:32 pm »
Loyalty DramaWorks has released a new holographic film--one of the year's most highly anticipated.  It's titled Cosmic Force: Ultimatum.  It's the 5th film in the ever-popular Cosmic Force series about a team made of 2 Puppies, a Uminus, an Arkibal, an Omic, and a Forthi; who all get extraordinary powers.  The movie also marks the release of the new Holograph standard which allows even more UV and IR colors to be displayed.

Leaders, the Loyal Trade Office will need information on whether this film can be imported to your country and how it will be taxed.

Cosmic Force is planning the construction of their new satellite HQ when they receive a hostile transmission from a new villain:  Duchess Von Goop.  She demands that the Cosmic Force stop their crusade against crime and join her army to conquer the universe.  If they don't accept within the next 36 hours, she will set of a solar bomb to destroy the galaxy.  Meanwhile, Brut and Eljabi's relationship, official for one year now, becomes turbulent as Eljabi tries to prove her independence during the mission.

Duchess Von Goop:  Though it's not explicitly stated, she appears to be a female KOR.  She can turn herself into plasma and split into multiple organisms.
Captain Brut of City 3aq:  A male Puppy.  The unprofessional leader of the Cosmic Force, he lacks confidence and is prone to error.  He can create electricity.
Eljabi:  Female Puppy, very untrusting and shrewd.  She can read minds of weak beings.

More Later....

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