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F.O.E Federation Of Expansion
« on: January 17, 2007, 08:34:33 am »
The Arkibal Empire, for the second time in one hundred years, was growing beyond control. Whole planets were becoming over populated. So the fourth phase expansion was called. During this time, a need to bring diplomatic relations to the forefront of the empires priorities became apparant, so under their current conditions the F.O.E was established, and diplomats sent to call the other races into a golden era of expansion.

The F.O.E Constitution:

1. All races within the F.O.E must encourage trade, technology and genral expansion activly, within all races esspecially those in the F.O.E.

2. All races within the F.O.E must be willing to to answer the call to arms if another member of F.O.E goes to war.

3. All races within the F.O.E must be willing to expand.

Current members;
Arkibals; represented by Thyresh, head of the federation


Anyone wishing to join should just post, or even just be allies.

There will also be an RP to join this, it'l be about the arkibal expansion, and people can call sides, but the first person to call against the arkibals is the one under main attack so gets a big part.