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Re: Halo DS
« Reply #30 on: October 03, 2007, 09:43:20 am »
Didn't Bungie already explain this whole ordeal?  It was a game made by some company and pitched to Microsoft/Nintendo as a possibilty, but was rejected for one reason or another.  Bungie didn't even have any idea it existed.  It's not in the slightest bit official and will never see the light of day.

Of course saying anything like that in the video would remove the magic.

Scott from fanboys online(it's webcomic and safe for work) pointed this out, it is on the front page on but I will quote it here anyway:

Quote from:  Scott
EDIT: HAHAHAHAHA! IGN? You amuse me SO SO SO much. I've gotten an email and somebody pointed it out in the forums: Halo DS is a reskinned Goldeneye Mod. Don't believe it? Go look at their own videos. Man, if I had know that sooner... I love you and your stupid lies IGN. keep up the amazing work.

Matt? Call BS on THAT.

Dear IGN, I'm calling BS.

Halo DS is very elaborate, and for that I tip my hat to you. I appluad you for your acting. What I liked about your video was:

    * Your scores never went up
    * The time never changed
    * You shot right handed guns with left bumber.
    * there was no waiting time for you to host a multiplayer session
    * Innacurate ammo counts for the plasma rifle. Anyone who plays Halo can tell you it doesn't exceed 100 shots.
    * The signal meter was non existant. It was there, but never showed any signs of being used.
    * Slots for other joined players were empty when you were obviously "playing" against a human opponent. (this along with the no load times are the biggest flaws in the video)
    * At the end the camera moved upwards when you were moving the stylus left and right (read: not up at all)
    * I like how it cuts off right before the nice warthog physics could have kicked in.

This was all just first glance, and I'm not fixing to sit down and really study anything IGN has to offer, so I'm sure there's more I could post about this, but I won't. I'm not penny arcade, and I doubt anyone really cares what I have to say about anything in the industry. I think it's obvious that the posts about how "we'll see" were just delays so they could prepare an elaborate hoax.

I don't think it was at all playable, but rather a nice mock up of what could have been. Such a thing is not unheard of. There's the Nintendo Go vids, the Master Chief vs Samus video, and a lot of other things on the net. This was not much at all. It wouldn't have taken much other than some nice rehearsing to make choppy graphics look like a real game.

Kudos for sticking to your guns, but this myth, I think, has been busted.

Peace out.

I never liked IGN and this defiantly doesn't help my opinion.
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