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The Benrik Game
« on: December 27, 2006, 08:38:03 am »

For Those of you not in the know, Benrik is a book company that writes a yearly book named "This Diary Will Change Your Life". Each day of the year you are given a task that you must accomplish every day. These range from "Talking to a Plant", "Visiting Your Musuem and Complaining If Your Favourite Dinsosaur Isn't On Display" to "Book a Holiday to a Dangerous Country, like Inspiring North Korea or Sunny Saudi Arabia!".

So, I have decided to totally rip-off Benrik and produce my own, Forum-based, almost-daily* task. The task will be set the day before , to be accomplished on the next day. You will have to begin completeing Tasks on the 1st of January '07.

*In case I forget or can't think of a task. I'll try to make it daily.

This first task:

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