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Re: GalactiNews Current Events!
« Reply #225 on: January 22, 2008, 01:44:26 am »
//This is GNC, the Generic News Channel! With favorite anchorman Hoxe Faken!//

Breaking News!
//Hello, I'm Hoxe Faken. This will be our last newscast, due to the merger with the ever-larger Galactic News Network.

Our first story today, a long-lost race has been discovered by paleontologists in an isolated star system. The Zyther have been confirmed to be the creators of ruins found on the planet. The Zyther are confirmed to be gone for good, and the events leading to their fate are under investigation.

For those who didn't read up on their history, the Zyther were last heard from about 150 years ago. They seemed to be doing okay and were prepared to come back into galactic society. Then, their transmissions abruptly stopped. All Zyther corporations and political alliances mysteriously disappeared, with no communications of any sort.

Investigations found that the Zyther's homeworld was not located anywhere near the last place that transmissions were recieved from. Attempts to locate the planet came up empty handed, and the planet of Nyok faded from galactic maps.

Mysteriously, there were no corpses found and no signs of warfare. Energy signatures suggest they may have descended to a higher plane, but with their technology far below that capability it is suspected that another race may have had a hand in their disappearance.

In other news, MixoTech stock has fallen tremendously...//

(Bye everyone. I'm afraid I've been gone too long to come back, and my failed attempts to do so prove this. So have fun, and let this community last past the day Spore is released.)

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Re: GalactiNews Current Events!
« Reply #226 on: February 01, 2008, 01:42:44 pm »
"Today, please join us for a recap on all the events taking place in the former Enlightened Union:"

// As of today, we call our beloved Union under a new name! Henceforth, we are known as the Enlightened Republic and Urshans under Single Union, or the Enlightened Republic for short!

All hail the Reformation! //

High Command has allowed the people to live in a democratic system once again:

// We are pleased to announce the results of the General Parliamentary Elections of the Enlightened Republic!

21% of citizens voted for the Libertarian Party
13% of citizens voted for the Social-Liberal Party
9% of citizens voted for the REDSTAR-Revival Party
27% of citizens voted for the Castor the Thoon Personal Party
10% of citizens voted for the Dhulami Green Party
20% of citizens abstained. Their seats were equally distributed among the other parties.

The UEP contains 600 seats, and 530 have been filled. The rest is up to the Urshan Empire. //

"More to come after the break!"

"Did you know YuniQue is the main provider of terraforming services in the galactic economy? It's true! So go to our netware and apply for your own home today!"

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Re: GalactiNews Current Events!
« Reply #227 on: February 03, 2008, 11:34:32 am »
"Roses are red, Violets are blue. Hate to go, but we're leaving you. Signed the NNTA, the Thean Sanction, the Soinak Rebellion, the Noasauri Empire, the H'qur, and everyone in the area that doesn't fit into those groups. KTHXBAI!"

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Re: GalactiNews Current Events!
« Reply #228 on: April 09, 2010, 07:25:39 am »
This is ONANISM, the Orealyianis News and Associated Networks in Intergalactic Service Media. A subsidiary of the GNN. Bringing you up to the minute news from the Local Sector and beyond...

Top stories from around the galaxy!

  • Armistice declared between GPA and CC forces! First generation Combine slaves, transferred to GPA custody!

  • Leaked information of PSR war vessels supposedly directed at the Makal Kingdom, revealed! GPA High Command, yet to release statement!

  • Trade organizations alarmed amidst tension in the USSS! Economic downturn, looming over the horizon!?

  • Construction of Talsenreave Station, affected by USSS tensions!? ONANISM correspondents investigate!

  • Moon King, Limxaech Sconjak, dies! Fans across the galaxy, saddened by passing!

  • Galactic Record for largest sandwich, broken!

Live from ONANISM studios! Delivering news from across the galaxy, and even beyond! This is... Holo-Patrol, Galaxy!

I'm Natoni Tavenazariya and this is... Holo-Patrol, Galaxy!

Armistice declared between GPA and CC forces, announced GPA Spokesperson Jak Ivalo after a press conference following discussions with Core delegates. ONANISM Correspondent Ligamenthos Forovixi now patrolling live in Tower 1 on Tanariadne!


Yes, Natoni!

GPA Spokesperson Jak Ivalo has announced that an armistice has been declared between the Agency and Core Combine forces.

The decision was made after a reportedly exhaustive discussion held between the two factions moments after the Combine world of Felron fell to the coalition's combined fleets. As for the location of the actual meeting, it has not yet been fully disclosed for what the Agency has stated to be a "strategic reason".

The spokesperson has also said that, according to the conditions agreed upon by the two parties, all of the Combine's First-Generation and stock slaves were to be safely relieved of all cybernetic modifications and transferred to the GPA's custody.

Our sources from within the agency have indicated that the process is well underway and that plans for the rehabilitation of the slaves and the restoration of their respective civilizations were well past the preliminary stages and are currently experiencing increased progress.


Thank you, Ligamenthos!

Information of PSR war vessels supposedly headed for war, leaked by an anonymous source! ONANISM Correspondent Mk Terrenciae now patrolling live in Makal space!


Indeed, Natoni!

Several recordings of varying media have recently been released by an anonymous source, and is now circulating all over the galacnet. The documents entail of several major PSR military formations heading straight towards Makal controlled space.

Analysts in Anakinostine are still debating the veracity of the information. However, there was one thing that they did agree upon. That the presence of such a large volume of firepower is an ominous sign of problems boiling within the USSS.

Regardless of it's authenticity, the files have already taken their toll on the community at large. The entire incident has sparked massive outrage from various galactic peace movements including Peace NAO, Mutually Assured Disarmament and Galaxians Opposing Violence.

The GPA has yet to release a statement regarding the viral data.


Yes, Mk!

This just in!

Former GPA Director and King Apparent, Prince Folizi Kazamadariya, gone missing!

According to the Royal Office, the prince was last seen delivering a speech during the graduation rites of Orealyianis Interstellar Naval Academy Batch 236 at Tanariadne. After which, he personally congratulated the institution's staff before making a hasty exit, never to be seen again.

The Orealyianis Intelligence Agency and the Orealyianis Bureau of Investigation are now performing a joint galaxy-wide search for prince Folizi Kazamadariya.

When pressed for further information, both organizations simply stated that they are "... currently coordinating with foreign agencies with regard to the case at hand.".

With the King Apparent's disappearance, the line of succession now points toward Nine Star Admiral Prince Shanara Kazamadariya, chief of staff of the OIN and younger sibling of both the missing prince and the current Monarch, King Foriza Kazamadariya.

In other news...

Trade organizations alarmed amidst internal USSS unrest! ONANISM Correspondent Nilth Guan Knevat now patrolling live on Beyon City!


That's right Natoni!

Trade organizations all across the galaxy, including Beyon, Rolston and GalEx, are alarmed by the rising tensions within the USSS, which they say could lead to a chain of events that could very well threaten the stability of the entire galactic economy.

The root of the issue began when the Parrachi Empire, co-founder of the USSS, began to reform it's government into a socialist state. For some time this was met with rather moderate reactions outside the union. However, the recent change of pace in the nation's campaign of liberating what they deem to be oppressed civilizations has led to the resurgence of old fears regarding the state's political methods.

If such a situation continues unabated, these organizations fear that the constant threat of conflict would drive away investors in the region and it's neighboring areas alike. While this would seem like a boon for competing sectors, experts within the organizations fear that the instability it would produce will more than likely cut off important trade routes, and destroy a large fraction of the galaxy's collective industrial capacity.

Nilth Guan Knevat, patrol of the galaxy!

And now a word from our sponsors!

Person 1: Hi, I'm Mech!

Person 2: And I'm a PC!

Mech: Let's race!

PC: Sure!

Narrator: Five minutes later...

Mech: Hey! PC!

PC: Wait... Just... Uhh...

Mech: Hey, you all right back there?

PC: ...

Narrator: So yeah...

PC: Uhh...

Narrator: Mechintosh. The better choice.




And we're back!

Let's take a look at tech news, with Reverend Macke Revieroz!

Greetings, I am Reverend Macek Revieroz, bringing you your daily serving of the newest technology news!

There have been rumors that issues regarding the Talsenreave Station's construction has arisen due to the problems within the USSS, most of it's members being a part of the GPA, the organization funding the whole project.

When approached, both the GPA's tech bureau and the NTUTS have said that the tension within the USSS has so far caused no major problems with the project's progress, stating that the project is actually going rather a bit ahead on schedule. Both organizations also stated that if future conflicts do arise, contingency plans have already been prepared to deal with many possible scenarios.

The Talsenreave Station is the brainchild of GPA Tech Bureau Chief, Professor Sarelka Karlan Talsenreave. Once complete, the massive structure is said to be capable of traveling through both time and space, so we might just be able finally see in person the events of a certain story, that happened long long ago, in a galaxy far far away!

Well, that's all the tech we have in store for you today! For a larger serving of tech news, log on to "".

Back to you, Natoni!

In showbusiness, the music scene has been made lonelier by the passing of Moon King, Limxaech Sconjak.

Born Limxaechxorious Valdevo Sconjak, Sconjak's first taste of spotlight was when he joined his family's band, Ol Dechoriats, at the young age of ten. At fifteen, he entered music school before dropping out two years later, halfway to his Bachelor's Degree in Contemporary Music. He, along with four of his university mates who also dropped out, then created their own band, Ol Zechxoriati Invi. As the group quickly rose in fame, Sconjak started creating his first official singles before finally going solo at the age of nineteen. By then a successful artist, he proceeded to revolutionize the music scene with the creation of a brand new genre, Moon.

Fifty when he passed away, he widowed his wives Kilzechxa Ferzen Sconjak and Mochxianthalus Kuchxen Sconjak, and orphaned his three sons from his second wife, Limxaechxorion, Zichxarezarious and Lirzechxovinion.

Fans across the galaxy are saddened by the passing, and there are now plans by the Sconjak family of holding remembrance concerts for the late King of Moon.

In other news...

The galaxy's record for largest sandwich has officially been broken yesterday on the planet Bisiridne. Residents, mostly retired citizens, created the giant sandwich in order to improve public awareness on the cultural and historical importance of local cuisine in today's multi-palleted society.

After the approval of the new record, everyone took their respective servings and began to dine on the giant sandwich.

Measuring a staggering length of over ninety one and a half kilometers, the giant sandwich is officially the largest sandwich in the galaxy.

And that's all we have for you tonight, I hope you enjoyed it.

I'm Natoni Tavenazariya, until next time...
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Re: GalactiNews Current Events!
« Reply #229 on: April 10, 2010, 06:20:10 pm »
And now for Wild Observance, with your host, XBT- 7879!*cut to a picture of a small, tank-like robot*
XBT: Thank you. My associates in the field have recently made a remarkable discovery. The system surrounding the star Kaivik, which was originally believed to have been in another galaxy, has actually, after further investigation, been revealed to be within this galaxy! There are only two planets in this system: Kuuruk and Kiivck. Let us first observe Kiivck. Over to you, 909.
909: Thank you, XBT. There's not much to look at here, as the planet is mostly ice. There is, however, an abandoned mining station here. Nobody knows who built it, why, or how and when they even built this place.
XBT: Now to our field agent on Kuuruk, SVX- 7442.
SVX: Thanks, XBT. Here on Kuuruk, we have the ruins of a small sapient civilization, most likely finished off by a superplume. This planet recently experienced its seventh, or so scientists predict, and it has recovered amazingly quickly. Here I am in the ruins of a small city. These sapients were most likely incapable of metallurgy, as my scanners cannot find any inorganic matter besides stone. Wait, there's something over there... AHA! A Pentekonterus! This is the largest land predator on this planet, and it seems to be at the top of the food chain. Although, nothing lives in these ruins... why is it here? Wait, it's looking at me. It appears to be larger than most, perhaps the alpha of its pack? Wait, what is it doing with that stick? OW! It just threw the stick at me! Wait, wait, now it's chasing me! No, no, no, no, no! OH DEAR GOD! IT'S GOING TO EAT ME!!!

XBT: Ummm... that's all we have for today! See you again soon!
Who are you again and why in the world would you expect anything resembling rationality or civility in youtube comments?

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Re: GalactiNews Current Events!
« Reply #230 on: June 11, 2010, 05:25:13 pm »
*Channel changes to show a fierce looking robot against the backdrop of space*

This is the Imperial Wexxian Battleship VINDICATOR, Captain Verys Speaking…

As of this moment, this Galaxy is considered a Protectorate of the Tri-Wexxian Empire.

Any trespasses, or attacks on this territory will be regarded as direct attacks upon the Wexxian Nation and will be responded to as such!

I repeat; as of this moment, this Galaxy is considered a Protectorate of the Tri-Wexxian Empire.

This is the will of the Emperor!

Verification Code: #7365527-252:
T.W.E. Rapid-Response-Fleet: 0047; “The Knights of Vengeance
1’st Knight. Commander Verys Deleros-Enerva-02-3.

*Channel cuts off again*

(OOC: this is from my new RP thread: “By Order of the Emperor” If you want to join, go there.)

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Re: GalactiNews Current Events!
« Reply #231 on: June 11, 2010, 06:48:42 pm »
This is ONANISM, the Orealyianis News and Associated Networks in Intergalactic Service Media... SLASH REPORT!!!

I'm Natoni Tavenazariya bringing you breaking news from the Local Sector!

Recent reports from our sector-side operatives have revealed another set of disappearances from the higher leaderships of several of the region's nations.

Early this morning, we have recieved word that King Harous of the Luzonian Knighthood has reportedly disappeared since last week and is now currently being sought out by the Central Intelligence Order. Shortly afterwards, another identical case was leaked from the Choro Deidalus Intelligence Network, this time concerning Oyerlord Ragansa of the Choro Deidalus Technocra-

This just in, a very similar incident has occurred in the Marakiri Republic! According to our operatives Prime Minister Kurefa has been missing for the past two days. He was last seen in the Sector's terraforming conference and was on his way back to Parliament when his vessel's signal vanished mid-warp. The Marakiri Law Enforcement and Intelligence Bureau is currently handlnig the situation.

Leads as to the above officials' current whereabouts are scant, but the Sector Protection Agency has assured the public that they will solve the cases in due time. In the meantime, the different governments will activate their respective emergency procedures and appoint the next officials in the lines of succession as their substitutes until the issue is resolved.

I'm Natoni Tavenazariya, and this has been ONANISM Flash Report, until next time...

This is ONANISM, the Orealyianis News and Associated Networks in Intergalactic Service Media... SLASH REPORT!!!

This news coverage has been brought to you by:

Regona Classic ~

Feel the Freshness that lasts longer ~