Author Topic: Gamestop's "$700" 'deal' for Wiis... a few questions.  (Read 1218 times)

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Gamestop's "$700" 'deal' for Wiis... a few questions.
« on: November 14, 2006, 04:54:01 pm »
I was unable to put in a pre-order to gamestop on their original pre-order window. Most recently, they re-opened a new window for a nameless $700 bundle. Even if i could hit that mark, I wouldn't.

Now I pre-orded a few games at my local Gamestop and they said in addition to the pre-orders, theyd' be getting a few non-pre order Wiis in the store.

This was before the $700 pre-order wave.

Despite the 2nd pre-order wave, will there be any units available to early risers?

If yes, my 2nd question is: Given the Wii's supply (compared to the Ps3's lack of supply) when would a good camp-out time be?

Lastly: When I pre-orded my wii games, the guy said he'd call me 48 hours prior to the store getting the consoles, and that If I confirmed I wanted one, he'd hold a system for 48 hours because I pre-orded games there. Any Gamestop employees (or ex employees) want to slap a big "fact" or "crap" on that statement? I'm leaning twords "crap" but can't hurt to ask.

Also: Gaming Steve, you said you got your Xbox 360 at a Costco (or a sam's club, one of those wholesalers) I tried to take your advice there and reseve a Wii, but they have yet to offer a pre-order at all. Only a select few games.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Gamestop's "$700" 'deal' for Wiis... a few questions.
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2006, 05:01:29 pm »
There should be plenty of places to try. EB,walmart, K mart, Best buy, from what I hear as places to go to. I went and got a preorder at EB here in australia 2 weeks ago I dont know how EB in the states are going if they are out yet or not.

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