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The Up and Up
« on: September 29, 2006, 02:26:48 pm »
   Henri sits at a table and waits for his drink to come. Cocu! Cocu! It's that infernal bird again, chirping in his head. The cuckold bird. What dreadful clatter! Why won't it just shut up? Maybe the better question is: Why won't he just shoot the bastard between the eyes? Right here, right now, in front of all of his nouveau riche pals, these très gauche buffoons with waxed-on smiles and garish toupees which look like they came from carpet remnants. These fils de putes with money to burn and confidence oozing from their scaly skin -- shoot the bastard, right here, right now.

Lee Irby is a pretty good author and he wrote a book about some fictional illegal goings-on in the 1920s and also you should read it

"Fine. Don't believe me. I'm not lying. all your laziness which you mistake for something funney is driving me insane, quit fooling around!  dude this is just wrong, very wrong. reality does not consist of constrained language. go lock this thread malt. I love the payment."4MOD