Wich do u perfer Mad Tv or SNL?

8 (25%)
12 (37.5%)
12 (37.5%)

Total Members Voted: 31

Author Topic: MADtv vs. SNL?  (Read 18509 times)

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Re: MADtv vs. SNL?
« Reply #30 on: January 27, 2008, 10:59:39 am »
And "Neither" pulls into the lead.

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Re: MADtv vs. SNL?
« Reply #31 on: January 27, 2008, 04:03:06 pm »
...So, yeah, long story short. I prefer SNL to MadTV nowadays. By a long margin. I've come to the realization that it's funnier, smarter, the sketches are better structured and Andy Samberg has found a great use for cats.
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Re: MADtv vs. SNL?
« Reply #32 on: January 27, 2008, 08:15:03 pm »
I am a MadTv kinda man but SNL is really great and it's quality was pretty good over the years. Mad is great and all but is changing as the cast gets more gumbled up with people I haven't even heard of. Not that diversity is bad but bringing back some of the classic cast would be nice. Like Frank Caliendo, Aeries Spears, and one of my favorites Phil LaMarr. And I know everyone has their own project and all but bringing back some of the classics would be nice. Over all I like both but I stick with SNL for it's endless laughs and originality.
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Re: MADtv vs. SNL?
« Reply #33 on: February 01, 2008, 04:39:11 pm »
Oh come on Mad tv is much funnier.  Michael Mcdonald is hilarious.  Mad tv has better comics on it and better characters.  I cant tell u the last time I laughed watching SNL, its just not funny I find it to be extremely forced.  When guys like Will Ferrell were leaving it really started rolling downhill.  Although Mad tv's quality in my opinon is beginning to decline as well.

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Re: MADtv vs. SNL?
« Reply #34 on: October 03, 2008, 06:19:04 am »
MadTv is funnier at random stuff.  SNL is better at political stuff.