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Now I'm not good at making plot rules, so just do it like and RPG. You make your own super hero using it is extremely easy and fun, and we want more people to join, so if you want to come on! This focuses on the un-developed side plot from: I will tell you the recap of the story of this side plot so far.

Plot so far:

Elior was this cave man living in the forest with his brother, which was a wolf. He has some foresty powers and other cool stuff like that. He went out into Justest City to find out what some strange symbols meant, the symbols were supposed to lead him to the people that were destroying his forest. He helped out some other super heroes fight crimes in JC, and they were ignoring his symbol. Then, Refedier and Actra came. The appeared in the forest, and Refedier was hungry so he stole some food from a strange village with little lifeforms that looked like balls with legs, they were extremely small, but very smart. Refedier meet with the other super heroes, including the Cave Man. Actra pointed out Elior's symbol, saying that he has seen it before when they were in the village, Elior didn't hear him, however. Then a Green Tower appeared,  with a Green Man inside that he was going to help mother nature by destroying the humans un natural houses. Refedier had a vision about the lifeforms from the village destroying the Green Tower, so he went to save it when he was descrated by a fight at a police station. Plasmaman was hurt in the battle, so they toke him to the Green Tower, where Refedier had another vision where he saw the Lifeforms eating the forest, then he transported there with out thinking. Actra didn't come though, he was hacking into Silia and Miyu (You don't need to know that side plot for this, that will be discussed somewhere else) and he got turned off. Refedier was last seen in the forest, watching some pore squirrel being covered by ant sized balls, then somehow the balls turn the squirrel into more little tiny ball. Then Refedier saw a guy  coming out of the shadows, he looked so familiar.....

For OOC just go to that is also where all the super hero information is, if you don't want to search threw all those pages to find a description on one hero, just ask and we will help you, same thing with plot.

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