Author Topic: Various Spore-Inspired Drawings.  (Read 2053 times)

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Various Spore-Inspired Drawings.
« on: October 04, 2006, 04:13:35 pm »
Well, I've not visited this forum in a long time, and I'd figure the first thing I'd do since I'm back is post some (crappy) drawings I made of creatures I would love to create in Spore.

First up one of my favorite creatures that I drew.

The tenative name for this creature is "Elasperoo", as I've not really decided on a name. I have two versions of this creature, one that is higher on he evolutionary chain (first picture) and the predecessor to it (second picture).

This picutre I am kind of proud of as I'm not very good when it comes to drawing, but I think you can understand what I intend for the creature by the way I've drawn it in this picture. It is a an Omnivore that tends to eat meat, meaning it's more predatory and is only a genereation or two out of being primarily carnivorous.

This second picture is, as I stated above, an early version of the Elasperoo. Probably only the 3rd Ground generation or around there.

What I like about this picture is that you can kind of tell by it's traits, where it's going and how it's evolution is going to play out (when compared to the above that is).


The creature in the top picture is a drawing I did back when I first started drawing Spore-Inspired creatures, and is probably going to be one of the first species I try and make in Spore, as it is another one of my favorites. It's a strange type of Bird-Lizard creature, and I drew it mostly by the seat of my pants. I didn't have any real set design in mind I just drew and the Amalgui (A maal gooey) is what occured. This is actually an early generation creature, and I've not yet bothered drawing an evolved form, however I have already drawn up some vehicle concepts for them, one of which is a Walker-Tank and the other is an Aircraft of sorts. I am not going to show the images of the vehicles at this time.

Note: The creature in the bottom part of the picture is my attempt to justify (mostly to myself) how a "wheel-based" creature would work, even though at the time I drew it I knew that Spore probably wouldn't support such a design. For those interested in details about it (assuming anyone looks at this for more then 5 seconds), I will be happy to post more about it and how I think it would work and move.


This creature is a bit odd, even by my standards. It's main mouth got cut off and I've been to lazy to bother fixing it, but you can kind of tell I meant it to be like one of the mouths shown on the editor, similiar to (but different from) the "Quills" seen on Spores Official webpage. I realize the legs are drawn really badly, again that is due to my lack of artistic skill, but you can kind of tell what I was going for. Anyway, this creature is strange in that it has 3 mouths, 3 eyes, one nose, and 4 arms. It's meant to be a fierce eater, but I also try and make it social but giving it hands that lack any actual defense purpose. What I like abou this creature is the way the body "flows" to the front defensive stinger weapon (no it's not anything pervese), and the way the tail is done. However I realize the arms and legs could be much better, I only wish I had the talent for drawing that some people are blessed with.


Unnamed Creatures

I never named this creature because I just wanted to see how ugly I could make a creature. I like how it came out, especially the eye stalks, but it's still not a design I am going to continue with, atleast at this time.

This creature, I am entirely unsure about at all. It came out looking to much like a Hydra from Star Craft, a Hydra that is really down on it's luck. It just looks really strange.

Third and Fourth
I just never spent the time fleshing out either of these creatures, I just drew them to dipict an "action scene" that might occur with Spore-Inspired creatures. There is the strange "rat-like" creature, and the odd "raptor-like" creature.

This creature was designed on a whim. I drew it up because I felt like drawing. It came out fine enough but I feel it looks far to much like an "evil Yoshi on drugs" to bother creating any in depth profile on it. I may change my mind eventually though. I still like how it came out.

This is the last creature I'm going to post, and one of the last I've drawn (and scanned). It's just the front half of an unremarkable "dinosaur-like" creature. It could of been alto better if I took the time to flesh out some distinguishing features, such as the the arms, the head "plate", the curled fang/tooth, and added some pattern to detail it and make it stand out a bit more. It's probably an unfinished drawing, and I've completely forgotten what I originally intended it to be.

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Re: Various Spore-Inspired Drawings.
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2006, 04:45:15 pm »
Cool creatures. I like the "Elasperoo" the best too.