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Delegation of Unified Powers Constitution
« on: August 17, 2006, 10:16:56 am »
This thread is for the sole purpose of holding the Delegation of Unified Powers laws. It is not open for discussion, but it will be modified after new laws or amendments have been passed.

Here is the Delegation of Unified Powers homepage:

The Requirements for joining the DUP are:
*The trading of all technologies that benefit the populace as a whole (you do not need to share military technologies, but you are open to do so. It would help in a time of war, if one species is behind in technology than another).
*Open borders to all of the races in the DUP (if one race are living under a different races government, they must follow the laws of the foriegn government as much as they can).
*You must respest all races in the DUP, excluding no one.
This alliance is open to anyone. Power will be equal for all (as of now we are going through some reformation).
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