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« on: August 08, 2006, 07:46:11 am »
Anonther 'family movie' run. This time is was for 'Barnyard', another computer-animation flick about talking animals.

Overall: fun movie. Kids will like it. Adults won't want to drill their brains out. I give it a B- (maybe a C+)

Pros: Very few deadspots, story isn't overly complicated and young kids will be entertained.

Cons: Did you see the Lion King? Make Simba and Mufasa bulls (with udders... don't get me started on that discussion... took me ten minutes to stop the kids from asking 'why' when I was talking about it to the wife). Replace the word 'Hyiena' with 'Coyote'. Make the 'future king' be yet another adopted calf. Add a police chase, remove a rampaging herd of Wildebeasts.

Yes, I'm brutal about reviews... but you'd think they could do something original