Author Topic: Where can maxis go from here?(If from maxis, please also read page 8 and back)  (Read 35388 times)

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I found this.

The Sims 3
The Sims 3 (working title) was announced in November of 2006 and is expected to be released in early 2009.[6]

I guess this is where Maxis will go after Spore
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Are the gaming steve forum going to add another sub forum thing if something like spore comes again?


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I'm gonna take an US Government approach to that question: "We don't know."
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What i would like to see is a simEcosystem game. 10-50 people start out with the same generic creature on a random uniform enviroment that the creature was dropped off in, you evolve your creature to better survive in the habitat and muscle out the other players with evolution.  Best score wins in 50 million game years.  Size matters, the larger your creature the more they are worth in the rankings. if you are a really good player and do well in a lot of games you can get special things like:
Start Glaciation, sea level drop as the poles gain in size.  Cost: X players investing Y Chaos points
Raise temperature, Temperature rises (J players x Q invested chaos points) / 20
Meteor, sacrifice half of your population for a meteor strike, power of meteor depends on your score

Not sure if anyone commented on this but this is one of the best ideas I've ever heard. Not exactly the idea itself, but the general idea. Y'see, this reminds me of a game I used to play with friends around the lunch table at school we called, simply, Evolution. You all start with a blind slug, and steadily evolve and grow, adapting to your environment each turn until you have a sentient species that rules the world. I would LOVE to see this as a Spore multiplayer. As such, I present my idea of rules for it:

-Game begins with X amount of players
-Players must survive in cell stage.
-World is divided into X environments, each unique
-First player to finish cell stage gets to choose environment first, second player second, and so on.
-Players must then evolve, possibly even meeting each other's creatures.
-First player to reach Tribal Stage then starts a tribe, and all other players must use that creature, being rapidly advanced to Tribal Stage
-Players must compete over resources, either through diplomacy or war
-Once one player is sufficiently advanced, the game enters the city phase, with the other players less advanced than the other player, determined by their technology at the time of the upgrade.
-Once city and civilization phase are through (With players either conceding and merging their cities or conquering others), players then each get a UFO, and can either split apart or wander the galaxy together.

It'd be a simple thing. Spore for more than one person, really. Another idea is the First Contact thought. You and another player both must be in the space phase by this point, and then link the games, letting you play together. Or you can play mini-games, competing in the Cell/Ocean Phase. Personally, I'd love that.
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