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anyone have that dream were your in your bed and you get the sensation of falling and your heart skips a beat? :( i just had that.

My version of that is being surrounded by swirling numbers, which progress, counting, in a weird looping fashion always coming back to the same thing through the same patterns. When it gets near 0, it's about the most frightening thing imaginable (I never said it made sense).

I've been told that dreams like that are related to a type of sleep disorder, where the mind awakes, but the body is still in the state of being shut down so you can't act out your dreams. This is often accompanied by hallucinations. Being frightened or having your heart "skip a beat" is often associated with it, too.

Yeah I have... or used too at least, be able to give myself the feeling of falling, but in a relaxing way...

lets make this a general discussion about dreams!
Right now im attempting to get more lucid dreams, so far my attempts have only given me vauge rememberance of having actualy dreamt something (where-as before I used to hardly /ever/ remember even dreaming at all). Its funny that you actualy dream every single night but you can /compleltly/ forget about it in the morning and think that you never dreamt at all, but in fact you had. Weird stuff, sometimes you experiance the half-way inbetween thing where you have a dream in your mind, then forget about it for a minute, then it comes back to you, its almost scary to think you can forget something so completly so easily like that.

All im doing right now to try to get lucid dreams is just some random tips from random websites... mostly im just lying in bed looking at the darkness of my closed eyelids untill I start seeing vauge day-dreaming-like-stuff or vauge random patterns of light (close your eyelids and press against them with your finger for a while... that sort of thing, but more vauge, I dont get any really vivid image (or sound) in this state, some people supposidly do).

Actualy Daxx... I guess its even trying to get into that state of mind awake and body asleep, but in some sort of different way I guess

Suposidly in this state you have to keep yourself consious and logical (some website suggested you visualise driving a car and concentrating on all the logical workings of how you need to operate it to keep you from drifting off in random thoughts/ideas, keeping your logic side on and your imagination at bay basicly, as you fall asleep, so that you can have more logical control while in your dream.... something like that anyways)

Dreams are so weird and interesting...

I frequently have dreams about driving in a car with brakes that don't work well/at all. It is perhaps the most frequent recurring theme in my dreams. I'd probably think I were going to get in a crazy car accident if I bought into that sort of thing (and if I drove more than a couple times as week).

I can still remember some of my dreams from ages back.

Here are some that I can still remember;

In one, I had to infiltrate this building with robots in it (I think) and I went in and had to drop a melon into a bin that was 2 storeys below. I missed and the guy carrying the bin started chasing me. At that point I found out I had super speed so a ran really fast away. I kind of forgot the next bit. Then a bit later when I can remember it again, I wasn't the super sprint guy, I was another person chasing him. And then a somehow found out that the running was caused by beans.

I had this one when I was about 6 and it was recurring. I was at this beach were I used to go when I was that young, and I could fly. I just focused and I lifted of the ground. One of the most memorable pictures was me fly around but the thing that I was seeing out of was looking at me from afar. That might sound confusing but it is the easiest way to describe it. 


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