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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
« on: July 20, 2006, 09:44:03 am »
[I know we've likely discussed this game before. Not sure it ever got its own thread, but I'd rather start something new that invites people to get involved than necro-relaunch an old topic with pages under its banner.]

I bought this game a while back, but was never able to really spend enough time with it beyond going through the first five or six chapters or so. But recently, I felt guilty for that and convinced my best friend that he and I should give it a go and see if we can beat it over the course of four weekends. We'll be on our 3rd weekend playing it this coming Friday, but I wanted to at least give some preliminary impressions of the game thus far.

Basically, it's outstanding. I literally cannot gush about this game enough. From the battle system (which is sort of a hodgepodge of elements from FF Tactics and Advance Wars, another IS game) to the story, it is AAA across the board. The graphics aren't as good as they could be; I won't lie about that. As IS's first 3d graphics game, it's going to understandably suffer from some graphical lack of style. But for all of you that claim that story is your guiding light in a game, not picking this one up is inexcusable. It easily -- and I mean easily -- owns any Final Fantasy story I've come across, with the possible exception of the original Tactics. The characters are so ridiculously well-crafted and personalized that you can clearly see how each is figuring into the story, and the compexities of the storyline are breathtaking. This would make an agonizingly good anime.

If you've played it already, please give your impressions of it -- being careful to make spoilers for the story very, very small in font size to where we can't read them even at a glance. And for those that haven't played it, seriously ... go and buy it now. It is THAT good. Featuring one of the most intricately woven and intelligent narratives I've ever come across in a videogame, it deserves to be recognized by more people than have shown it love thus far. If you wanted to know why people are getting excited about Fire Emblem for the Wii, it's because it's not only a continuation of a wonderful franchise but also because this one turned out so good.

So please, discussion ... what have your experiences been with the game and would you recommend it to people?
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