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Best book I have read.  Right were a lot of books would end, it keeps going, and the story is grand.  I couldn't put it down.

Gaming Steve:
Wow, I think you might need to read a bit more! Battlefield Earth was good, but I have read a lot more books which were much better.

Trying to think of a book to recommend to you, which do you like more -- science fiction or fantasy books?

Both.  Don't read much, I'm spoiled by visual input.  I've read a lot fo the Xanth series by Peirs Anthony, that's Fantasy.

Gaming Steve:
Ah, Xanth. Yeah, I used to read his stuff. The Xanth series started out okay, but it got very kiddie after book 10 or so.

Well, if you like Piers Anthony and both fantasy and Sci-Fi I would recommend that you read the "The Apprentice Adept Series" by Piers Anthony. I actually just reread this series a few years ago and it's pretty good. Not amazing but a lot of fun, and it has lots of gaming in it! There are just 3 books total (there is a second series, but I'm not sure how good that is as I never read it). The books are Split Infinity, Blue Adept, and Juxtaposition. Give those a try...

If you like Fantasy, but with a big dose of incredibly funny stuff, then try out any of the discworld books by terry pratchett!

Id reccommend either The Color of Magic, or Night Watch if your intrested!


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