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Re: Race Classification
« Reply #255 on: August 22, 2006, 12:15:14 pm »
Well this thread is now pretty useless since people are going to start their new galaxies/universes and be the superpowers over there...
#1thats not completely true

#2ps: ur name is terminator and u take a picture of the hulk?!? ;)

#1 I believe that it is. If the VIS, Torpal & Nauceans are the most popular that means that they'll be more likely to receive visitors from another universe/planet rather then them visiting another. The players race is the greatest if they stay in their galaxie. I'm sure that if I visited the Torpal and declared war on them, I'd get owned. But if they decided to come to my universe and declare war on me, they'd get pwned. Same would go for lets say the Nauceans and the Athosians or the ViS and the Omic etc.
And colliding galaxies/universes would not be a very good idea and might end up in a flaming RP :P

It might sound corny but...

#2 So?
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Re: Race Classification
« Reply #256 on: September 23, 2006, 02:25:19 pm »
i prefer just 1 big galaxy and since there is so many stars and solar systems in 1 galaxy, it should be fine if we all stayed in it!
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