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The Forthi
« on: July 04, 2006, 10:22:37 am »
Name: Forthi
Creator: Josasa
Locomotion: Bipedal
Environment: Mostly coastal, very watery
Diet: Plants, bugs and small animals
Size: About 4ft. tall and 100lbs (Average)
Lifespan: 60 years

(this picture was drawn by nuclearchinchila, not me)

Spore Forthi

Forthi Appearance
The Forthi are small creatures, only about 4ft. tall on average, that have either a dark blue or light brown skin color. They each have a small rounded head, with a mouth that just slightly forward. Two eyes are just below the forehead of the Forthi and a hearing organ sits atop the head while a scent receptor is on the upper back of the creature. They are bipedal creatures, looking almost exactly like humans. The Forthi have three opposable thumbs, that form a triangle when looking directly at the hand, which they use to manipulate their surroundings. Two legs end in hooves that can disconnect to form fins, the Forthi being amphibious creatures. An extra breathing organ for underwater diving is located in the lower chest of each Forthi.
Three spikes jut from the back of the Forthi. The longer they are, the older the Forthi. While the spike are able to move up and down slightly, they are useless as weapons or even as a defensive tool. The spike are just remnants of a fin that they used to carry on the back when they inhabited the water although the Forthi do sometimes use the spikes to show toughness or strength.
The female Forthi are slightly different from the males, but not in too many ways. The head of a female Forthi is slightly more elongated. A sack develops on the upper back of the female Forthi when reproduction is occurring. The egg is incubated inside the female, and when ready for the outside world, is birthed directly into the sack. Only the female can tell when the baby has been “born”. Normally three to five babies are born in a litter. Males have slightly larger hooves and an organ located under a layer of skin on the lower chest for reproducing. Other than that, the different sexes of the Forthi are similar.
All Forthi are born with an almost complete circle (basically a C rotated 90 degrees to the left) implanted on their temples. The Forthi eventually add more symbols to the birthmark for different accomplishments, symbols on the right temple birthmark are good accomplishments while symbols added to the left birthmark are bad accomplishments. The Forthi library of symbols is vast that covers almost every task, from catching a fish to conquering an entire planet.

Forthi Religion
The Forthi worship the water as their main  Spirit . It is the giver of life and the Forthi are dependent on it (much more than the humans). Almost the entire way of life is based on water. There are many ancient rituals that are performed with the water, including one in which the Forthi line up along the coast and toss in their most prized possession (they feel that the water deserves it more than they do). But some 'criminal' Forthi are known to get together and conduct a mission below water to gather up the more valuable items. This is one of the worst crimes in Forthi society.

While all the Forthi conduct the same rituals, there are mainly 3 different ways to worship the religion.
* The Aggressive Worshipers- These Worshipers normally go about and proclaim the goodness of the spirits. They are normally the ones that spread the religion, (the missionaries). They are the strict Worshipers who rarely stray from the 'Righteous Way' and are always enforcing the religious rules.
* The Regular Worshipers- These Worshipers regularly go to the religious services and will enforce orders only when certain people  go to far . Otherwise they are easy-going people who won't interfere with other people's lives.
* The Passive Worshipers- These worshipers will attend to only the highest rituals and normally don't abide by the 'Righteous Way' code system (somewhat like the Code of Laws or the Ten Commandments for the Christians and Jewish people). They are normally the criminals and other 'lowly' Forthi.
Overall, somewhat in reincarnation, but that they are put in another 'dimension' where they hash out a life in that world. They then move The 'spiritual' world is one where with a huge ocean that is abundant with sea life. But you will eventually die, as you will in the current universe they inhabit. There are seven ‘known’ realms where the Forthi will go, with 2 ahead of the current life they are living, and 4 that they will eventually pass into. Other than that, they do no know if there are more realms that are ahead of them and/or if there are more realms later in their journey.

Forthi History
The Forthi can trace their ancestry to the water, and like almost like amphibians, they have kept some of their water organs (see Forthi Appearance). Thus they never truly moved away from the water. In current times, all major cities on the home planet of Shonto are located near a body of water.
In the very beginning, when the first spark of intelligence was shown, several million tribes dotted the entire planet, but after the first 2500 years, the tribes had unified, either by force or diplomacy, into about 50 tribes or countries.
Right away the countries that became world powers recognized the power of intelligence. School systems became the top priority and a golden age that lasted several thousand years began (some argue that this can’t be a golden age, it beginning from at a very early stage and never really ending). The Forthi began using everything to its fullest extent, creating machines out of wood and rope, which humans could only make out of metal and wire. The Forthi were regular geniuses.
Over the course of the next 2000 years, many wars were fought with the countries gaining or losing land, and progressing through many different technologies. On the year of 4815, the top 15 major world powers came together to create the Delegation of Unified Powers (DUP). The DUP created an equalness between all of the countries.
On the year of 5000, the DUP officially became the ruling government system of the entire planet, with the separate country’s governments disbanded. The entire Forthi race was under one rule.

Forthi Homeworld
The Forthi homeworld is Shonto, which is covered mostly in water. Four major landmasses dot the surface, although the Forthi have seperated these into five continents.
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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2006, 10:38:31 am »
Woohoo go Forthi!  Could you give some pics of the some of symbols they put on themselves for their accomplishments?

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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2006, 10:42:22 am »
Woohoo go Forthi!  Could you give some pics of the some of symbols they put on themselves for their accomplishments?
Yeah, but first i need to think of them...

I'm posting the Current Events section here:
Current Events (July 9th)
* The Forthi are members of the Delegation of Unified Powers, and have been elected speaker of this alliance.
* The Forthi helped the Yunimius with their war on the planet of Ulis and have the mechanics of a Caltarin plasma heart because of this.
* They have a representative at the Galatic Congress, the Forthi named Sunta Son Suu.
* Currently, the Forthi fleet is made up of nearly 100 carrier groups (each carrier group consists of 1 carrier, sometimes 1 battleship, and normally 2 cruisers).
* The Forthi have launched 10 different expeditions to unexplored space, each group consisting of 1 carrier, 1 cruiser, and 2 explorers (ships made specifically for searching distant systems. They are mostly scientific vessels).
EDIT: Currently the 10 different expeditions have found only new planets to inhabit. But one expedition has found a planet that has many ancient ruins and a primitive race that is on the verge of sentience. The ancient ruins look like some of the Caltarin ruins, but on the other side of the planet are the ruins of a totally different civilization. They seem to have been living on the planet peacefully...

Current Events (August 9th)
* The Forthi have put forth a set of laws to really get the Galactic Embassy and Congress (GEC) going, at this point voting process is still going on.
* With the expansion of the Forthi Delegation into the stars, a bigger fleet/military is needed and thus each Forthi military group (Alpha, Delta, and Omega) have expanded by several million each, with 5 new carrier groups for each military branch. Currently, the Forthi Delegation is roping off three different planets and are going to release these planets for military use only, for testing and other such things.
* The non-sentient creatures found on the mysterious planet, which is now called Guran, have been put under testing, and brought up to sentience. While the Galactic Society doesn't know about it at this point, it will be realeased to the press soon, seeing as they are now a major part of the Forthi military (these were the elite forces shown on the planet with the towers in the DUP thread).
* Since the last update, the Forthi Delegation has expanded a total of 15 planets, with each one now having a large city and farms to sustain itself. They will begin building standard factories until different Forthi companies come in to establish their own.
* A top secret project is under way, while more details may released later.

Current Events (August 17th)
* New equipment has been designed for the Forthi military including new weapons with the capability of having the gun fire a spray shot, a high-powered single shot, three round burst, a continious stream (if there's enough info), and can fire off different explosive rounds that are positioned on the end of the gun. New radio implants have been designed and implanted into the Forthi brain allowing the Forthi to communicate at the speed of thought. This radio can be turned on and off, but in order to send the message a Forthi must think slightly harder then normal to get it through the radio. The last piece of equipment designed is a very small computer that is implanted into the Forthi mind to help with calculations and planning. This computer is not wireless and cannot be activated by any means from the outside of the brain.
* The Forthi have won a stunning victory against the Torpal clones designed by the Evil Holy Emperor of Ulis although the Torpal's themselves have lost a battle against the clones.

Current Events (August 20th)
* The Forthi navy is undergoing major renovations. Currently the Alpha, Delta, and Omega forces are designing different ships in order to compete. While each military grouping will most likely adopt the best ship designs, each group is allowed to keep their own design to keep up the competition even after the new designs are completed.
Each Forthi Military Group is designing:
    Carriers- These ships are for the major space battles against enemies, and can also act as a temporary spacestations because of the extra space.
    Battleships- These ships are mainly for planetary bombardment, carrying the largest weapons of the force.
    Cruisers- These ships are mainly for carrier protection. While they can provide bombardment power, they are designed with heavy defense, ready to take lots of fire.
    Destroyers- These ships are mainly for scouting and being able to take out an enemy if the need arises.
    Scouts- These ships normally come in the form of probes, but some are manned and are very fast. Made to scout and run, not stay and fight.

Current Events (September 3rd)
*The new ships have prototypes built and the rest of the bugs are being fixed. After that the new ships will go into mass prodution.
*The Forthi Delegation now encompasses about 100 planets with a population of 1000 billion people.
*The Forthi now have 7 vassal states of intelligent races under them, harboring them until they are spacefaring where they will be accepted into the Forthi Delegation.

Current Events (September 25th)
* The Forthi Delegation is suffering a massive vassal uprising as well as war with Kangor and his associates (most notably the Haldoran).
* While the Puyon and Gorgian systems have been lost completely, the Forhti have been able to hold off the attacks on Shonto (Haldoran forces have landed there although they are in defensive positions).
* More advances have been made in the military technology, most notably the robotic regiments.

Famous Forthi
Here are some famous Forthi i've written about (this is more for the sake of me remembering than anything else)-
Hun Hocho Hik- Forthi Surpa Commander. Led the forces in the Yunimius Civil War, and the Holy Emperor War.
Huro Hit Huyon- First Forthi Imperialite
Sunta Son Suu- Forthi delegate
Tomh Tully Tiik (Tiik)- Fighter pilot who singlehandedly destroyed a Rebel Gorgian carrier (i think his brother might have something to do later on).
Kok Keera Keika (Keiko)- Female Marine who conquered Haldoran ship in the War Against Kangor, and part of the interracial special forces (Haldoran, Forthi, Monan).
Huron Hit Huyon- oldest child of Huro Hit Huyon. He is married to Narsuur, a Kangorian.
Huri Hito Huyon- the second oldest male in the Huyon line (5th oldest overall). He is married to Jtiara Nihilii, a Yunimius.
Rei Rimpa Reena-Forthi commander of space forces in the Battle of Puyon and Battle of Shonto.

Major Planet Systems
The Forthi Delegation is made up of many planets although their is an elite group that really benefits the government and Delegation as a whole.

Shonto is the Forthi homeworld and thus has the most culture. This planet is a main hub for polotics, art, and fashion. This is the trend center and the most well known oustide of the Forthi Delegation.

Gorgon is the homeworld of the vassal race, the Gorgians. This is a basically a mini Shonto.

The Puyon System
The Puyon system is the solar system where the Puyon vassal race developed. They had reached sentience and were taking the first steps into space by the time the Forthi found them. The Puyon system is full of resources and is a huge industrial area. The planet of Puyon is a slight culture area.

Other Vassal Homeworlds
The other vassal homeworlds are somewhat strategic for the integration of those races intot he Forthi Delegation although not as important as the above areas.

Leela and Neighboring Asteroids
Leela is a small world with a huge asteroid belt next to its orbit. This makes Leela a huge industrial planet with many resources so near by. Leela has almost singlehandedly produced 1/4 of the Forthi fleet. This is a huge industrial world.

There are numerous other worlds that are industrializing although they aren't such a big strategic point as that of the above worlds.

Major Parties
With the spark of a new "royal" family three seperate houses have been formed. They are:
The liberal end of the Spectrum- Turyo Family
The neutral end of the Spectrum- Huyon Family
The conservative end of the Spectrum- Suu Family
Birth from someone that is already within that family will make you a part of that family automatically although certain people can be elected into that house by the masses. These families are not restricted by race, in fact any race (they must be citizens of the Forhti Delegation). Depending on the elections of the people, certain families will gain power by taking over the Imperialite position (currently the Huyon family has control) and helping their family gain control until they are booted out of the position and replaced. (this is basically an advanced form of political parties although they have morphed a bit past that...)

Huyon Family
The new Imperialite Huro Hit Huyon is married to a well known female Forthi called Jina Joo Huyon who have 7 offspring:
1st (male) 14 years old- Huron Hit Huyon is the first born from the Huyon line. He has the most power (excluding the mother and father) and is entitled to most of the rights. A marriage has been arranged between Huron and the Kangorian Narsuur.
2nd (female) 14 years old- Jina Jon Huyon is the first female born in the Huyon line. She has the second most rights because of her being 2nd in line.
3rd (female) 14 years old- Jin Hoo Huyon is the second female in the Huyon line and doesn't have much power because she isn't first in line for anything.
4th (female) 14 years old- Juron Hon Huyon is the third female in line and is even worse off than Jin Hoo Huyon.
5th (male) 7 years old- Huri Hito Huyon is the second male in the Huyon line and has some privleges above the others. A marriage has been arranged between Huri and the Yunimius Jtiara Nihilii.
6th (female) 7 years old- Jiana Hou Huyon is the worst off of the Huyon line because she is the second youngest and the youngest female.
7th (male) 7 years old- Hina Hon Huyon is the third male in the Huyon line and youngest of that line although he has more privleges than Jiana Hou Huyon.
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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2006, 11:04:35 am »
I like them. Carry on...
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Yes, I am aware of the irony.

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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2006, 09:32:22 am »
The first humanoid species that I have seen here. Good Job on originality and on looks! ;)

The Giganommoths AKA THE OWNAGE!!!:


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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #5 on: July 05, 2006, 09:59:21 am »
Exactly, we all try to be creative.

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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #6 on: July 05, 2006, 11:08:59 am »
Thank you Xarionis, i just kinda like the bipdeal design. I have some other creatures in my head, but i've taken this one so far... Anyway i'm thinking about changing the symbols from meaning anything to signifying the different rankings of the Forthi military.

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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #7 on: July 05, 2006, 02:11:42 pm »
Alright, here are the Forthi's spaceships.
The F-64 Interloper is the main Forthi fighter. It has the latest technology integrated into its system, making it a worthy opponent. It is able to work in the atmosphere and outer space.

The B-47 Gorga is the main Forthi bomber, which is named after an ancient god (somewhat like Hercules). This bomber can carry a heavy payload, or load a container that carries men and equipment into its bomb bay.

The Forthi carrier is the largest of the Forthi vessels. Each carrier can carry 20 different squadrons, usually 10 bombing squadrons and 10 fighter squadrons (each squadron contains three ships). The docking bays are the three different pylons that stick outside of the ship, while the engines are located on either end of the main body of the ship.
The Forthi Cruiser and Battleship are almost exactly similar in design, with the three different pylons containing more weapons and larger guns for orbital bombardment. They can still carry the smaller ships, but just not as many as the carriers.

This spacestation acts as a regulator of traffic and provides a defense for the surrounding area. Three carriers (see below) could go through the center tube of the spacestation, all at the same time.

As you can see, the #3 has (3 spikes on the Forthi's back and three opposable thumbs) a huge effect on the design of their ships. This number also appears in their building designs (i may put those up later) and in many different aspects of their lives.
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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #8 on: July 05, 2006, 03:28:43 pm »
I just found this, it looks pretty good.
Would say more, but I have a lot of catching up to do. Later.

What will you do?

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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #9 on: July 05, 2006, 03:35:08 pm »
Ignore anyone who complains of your alien being humanoid, they're just jealous because they can't pull it off.
What the hell does jealousy have to do with it? He just personally didnt like the way they seemed, he didnt blast it or anything, just said he personally didnt take to them. He already pulled a humanoid species off, check out the KOR, and perhaps try to link your posts to reality in future :P

With the small attention span that I have, I skipped the text. Solid beginning for a race, though. I fall into the "bored of bipeds" category, at least the ones that resemble humans. Im sure their cities and tech would interest me though.
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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #10 on: July 05, 2006, 03:45:23 pm »
You people are asses, you know. You can't create a bipedal creature without it being treated like a damn leper.
Where exactly are we treating this poster/their species like a leper? Better yet, why when we dont personally like those kinds of creature, does it automatically make us asses? Namecalling doesnt really give you much of an edge, just so you know.

Just because we dont personally take to them, doesnt mean we're flaming them in a remote fashion, it just means that we've been so over-exposed by our own kind that it just takes the fascination away from it. Would you get offended if we dont personally like the same music or food as you, too? No? Then do us a favor and stop trying to pretend someone is being victimised here. There is no war, just personal preference.

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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #11 on: July 05, 2006, 05:44:20 pm »
Luminar, I had no intention of fighting with you, I'm sorry if I upset you. My intention was fighting with Uroboros, as he is a doodoohead :(. I will now delete my original postings.

I'm just upset with people lately because of the anti-humanoid sentiment.
Thats funny, before you deleted your posts, this entire thing orbited around the fact you were seething that Luminar didnt personally dig most humanoid designs. I came into it second to say you were being unreasonable, and tried to get you to stop flaming. You're behaving like a complete troll, just stop it. Luminar may have done the polite thing and removed his posts to get rid of the clutter, but because I dont believe i've heard the last of your outbursts, im going to let my posts remain as a reminder.
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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #12 on: July 05, 2006, 05:46:24 pm »
I wasn't flaming Luminar at all, I was just complaining a bit. My actions were uncalled for. I suggest you calm down, sir, and delete your posts so that Josasa won't come on too see that his thread has become the ravaged battlefield of a flame war. Thank you.

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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #13 on: July 05, 2006, 09:16:45 pm »
nice ships :)
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Re: The Forthi
« Reply #14 on: July 06, 2006, 10:57:05 am »
I wasn't flaming Luminar at all, I was just complaining a bit. My actions were uncalled for. I suggest you calm down, sir, and delete your posts so that Josasa won't come on too see that his thread has become the ravaged battlefield of a flame war. Thank you.
Ehh, it's too late. But just stop fighting in the future. I understand if you don't like humaniods, but i do. That's why i created one. If you don't like it, you can say that and that's fine. But just stop fighting. Go ahead and look at different creatures then.