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Re: Mysteries of the Forerunner
« Reply #15 on: December 29, 2006, 05:31:54 am »
Drifting In the middle of space Is a single smallish sphere. A large flash of light radiates from It and It dims again. A holo screen of some sort flickers Into life somewhere. A Zyyo stares out, looking alone, distressed, severely traumatized and scared...he's In a room with dim blue lights and quilts behind him.

"This Is Ferm of the Zyyo race...I was part of a team...a team that was to search a strange buggered up system for any traces to a forerunner race...anything that could help unlock the supposed Jump gates. Well I doubt I'll ever see anyone again...I'm sure I'm gonna die out here In this life pod...I'll Just die and I guess I'll make this message and give a report on what happened.

About 4 days ago I was happily searching a large mining facility In the forerunner system. Corridor after corridor led to nothing whatsoever...there were eerie red light all around the place but other than that, the floating debris and the lack of any sort of atmosphere or pressure the place seemed fine or quiet.

Well all that changed some point 3 or 4 days ago. Someone In the team...a Forthi If I recall...was part of our team. We found a stable room and he decided he wanted to take his nano suit of for a few minutes. Upon removing It a wall violently burst open and something big and black came through at high speeds hit the forthi and burst right outa the other wall. There's no way he suit, possibly being eaten by something he died. Well the pressure left the room and we all got sucked through several rooms to the end of the holes. we were In a large seemingly endless tube like end visible up or down.

Then the same thing came shooting down and hit Ayn...It didn't take him far It let go of him and he tumbled around 20 or so feet below. It seemed like some sort of black cloud but that's not what's Important...whatever It was It changed him...he looked so evil...then he Just snapped...he lost It and he killed both the wexxians and Injured me.

Ayn went a little coo-coo too...I dunno If Ayn Infected him or what but It was weird. The Thoon tried to escape but went evil too. My and the remaining Forthi, Cel...we escaped...well It seemed that way.

A small ship picked us up and took us back to the cruiser telling us we were the only 2 left. Well some weird things happened...the thing mustav' boarded the ship cos within hours of us getting back almost everyone on board was evil. Me, Cel and a handful of other people each got Into pods...well Cel tripped and so did 2 people over him Just as my pod left. I saw the next pod leave too so I reckon they survived.

Well we made sure we destroyed whatever It was...we sent the ships dark matter reactors Into a cascade as the other ships In the system were randomly crashing Into things...probably Infected too. Now that ship was carrying way more dark matter and anti matter than any ship In the galaxy...the whole system was literally destroyed. The Explosion sent the star off...I mean anything that was there Is gone now.

Well that pretty much explains It...I've gotta try to finish fixing the Cryo Cells now so...this Is Ferm...See ya."

The message ends and the pod drifts silently through we have a problem...not a mystery.