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Bioshock Preview
« on: May 30, 2006, 10:16:40 pm »
This is my preview of Bioshock:

As I lay in the shadows, sweat embedding the hard skin that made my face, I thought "Is it really worth it?  Is survival really worth sacrificing my humanity?"  I looked across the room and saw the corpse of a man once genius, a man who lived for creation, but only ended in his destruction.  I knew what happened to people when they were modified, knew what they gave up to survive; they knew too, but it was the only way to survive.  Bulges and deformations from modification lined his body and blood lined his face.  I heard footsteps now coming from the corridor.  A girl no older than twelve entered the room holding the hand of her Protector, a massive abomination with many wires and modifications and a helmet to hide it's face.  A particularly large machine gun was held in his right hand, the girl's in his left.  I pushed myself against the shadows and began to wonder "Is her life worth it?  I can't survive without Adam and she is the biggest source, but is this child's life worth my mere survival?"  She let go of the Protector's hand and dropped to the corpse with a needle in hand.  As she stabbed the needle and retrieved it, I grimaced.  "How could Ryan make these kids do this?"  I now started to stare at my gun, the horrible thought returning of my survival over her's.  "People have to be lossed for someone's gain....

Irrational Games has come a long way from System Shock 2, but has never seemed to release anything near their complexity. System Shock 2 was one of the most complex games, in terms of gameplay and open-endedness, to grace the PC. Even at the start it gave complete open-endedness. This was also the problem, because of the confusion it caused for many players. The game being called the spiritual successor to System Shock 2, Bioshock, aims to change this while remaining just as complex.

Bioshock starts as your plane is shot down during WW2 and you crash near an island. As you explore, you see, to your suprise, a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean! You swim to the lighthouse and begin to ascend it's steps. When you reach the top, you find a bathosphere with a rotting corpse inside. You remove the body and decide to go down. As the bathosphere reaches the ocean floor, you see a city shattered by bullet-holes and corpses. This underwater city was supposed to be the intellectual's utopia called Rapture. This utopia was created by Andrew Ryan in 1946 and was to be the opportunity of artists, scientists, etc. to excel away from the masses. This all went to their demise when two scientists found a sea slug. This special slug secreted a fluid with raw stem-cells inside. This substance, called Adam, could heal injuries and immensely enhance one's abilities. Adam wasn't owned by Ryan though, but by a young scientist called Fontaine. This caused sparks between Ryan and him as a war broke out for the control of Adam. Ryan ultimately won, but at the cost of the humanity of everyone inside his destroyed utopia. This Adam began to destroy their former selves, in turn for a stronger, emptier, shell of a bieng. But this was the only way to become strong enough to survive, with humanity coming second.

Years after the war, the utopia is all but destroyed, and it's people all but dead. As you explore Rapture, you will encounter these abominations and see how far they went to survive. After the war, all natural resources of Adam were used. By this point, though, the people have become dependent on it to live. The only way else to get this Adam was to extract it from a dead body and process it into a useable form. To do this, Ryan modified children into Gatherers to drink and process this Adam. These children don't travel alone, but with a protector to guard them. These lumbering metal beasts come with high-end weaponry and the will to fight to the death for these Gatherers. With some health and ammo lost, you can kill these gatherers for their rich amount of Adam and perhaps survive the protector. There are also ways you can use the Protectors to your advantage, like the Gatherer Cry. This ability, earned from one of the many plasmids you can buy with your Adam, makes everything in the area think you are a Gatherer. This will make aggressors back off, and a close enough Protector will come to protect you in belief that you are the child.

Bioshock is also trying to achieve a moral choice to be upfront, too. You might not shoot a Gatherer, not just because of the Protector coming after you, but because you will think it is morally wrong. This new moral involvement will draw you into the utopia, Rapture more as you constantly conflict with the gains of killing these children.

In Bioshock, you aren't trying to save these beasts, stop Ryan, or destroy the utopia, but trying to survive and escape Rapture. At your attempts to survive, you will start to realize you are becoming them. This grim realization will hit you with the thought "Will I truly give up my humanity to survive?" These plasmids will change you dramatically and you will slowly become one of the shells that walks the streets of Rapture. These choices and the way the storyline is told like System Shock 2's, where files and letters tell the storyline, will be sure to keep the game involving. To add on to this, everything I just said was in real-time, no cutscenes from the beginning. If Bioshock reaches it's lofty goals, I will be glad to call it System Shock 2's spiritual successor.

Please post comments and suggestions for the next game to preview!