Author Topic: Hi new and a new Creature  (Read 6577 times)

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Re: Hi new and a new Creature
« Reply #15 on: June 01, 2006, 11:30:36 am »
Feel Welcome??? you are the new bigshot of the forum. you go good! ;)

All hail Psycho Cat for the best Paint work ever! Hurray Hurray! :D

Oh yes, one word; MORE ;D

Na don´t say that *blush* I just do what fall in to me nothing more. ^-^

Oh My a Platinumsause Award? What in the name of the holy spirit sake is that Oo? I what to know...

Hehe, I didn't notice the...likeness before. I thought I was being witty. Oh well. And on a side note, it's pixeljoint, not pixeloint. :P

Oh maybe I am all wrong here then... Who knows ^^  Well i will check that site up ans see if it something for me thanks you.