Author Topic: What musical instrument do you play, and how long have you been playing?  (Read 33477 times)

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I play grand piano, I started when I was about seven, unless you count fooling around on a toy keyboard when I was little. I learnt mostly by ear, but picked up some basic sheet reading. But, even now, I still have a lot of trouble reading music. I primarily learn by ear and do improvisation. I've been picking up a little bass and guitar, but I'm nowhere near good with those and I'd rather stick with piano for the time being.

Video game stuff that I can play:

To Zanarkand(from sheet music)
Final Fantasy 6 Boss Battle(from sheet music)
Legend of Zelda theme(by ear)
Mario Theme (by ear)
Gilgamesh's Theme (by ear)
Mario Undeground Theme (by ear)
Wind Waker's intro flute music (by ear)
Various underground game themes that you wouldn't know (Hybris, Realms of Kaos ring a bell?)

Um, yeah, that's about it.


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I used to play the saxaphone, guitar, and the piano, but alas, I stopped playing for no apparent reason.  :-X

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I own a guitar. "Play" would be a rather liberal definition of the word, though I can belt out the basic chords for some tunes, which (as GI Joe says) is half the battle.

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i used to play piano for like 3 months
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i play violen for 6 years, bass for 1 year, and piano for 2 years, i can play some of that stuff u listed like mario songs, i can play 3 dif. 1;s, Zelda theme, i can play Kingdon hearts  :o and, . . thats it for game music i guessu should learn the chocobo theme from FFVI

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I've been playing guitar for 14 years and used to play in an amateur punk cover band.

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I play Guitar(2 years)  Banjo (1 year) Ukulele (8 months) Sitar (1 year) and piano (like since i was born)
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This is my fifth year of playing trombone.

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I played the clarinet in middle or high school for 2 or 3 years. I always wanted to play the Sax though, since my fingers were too small to be able to cover the holes on the clarinet really effectively, so occasionally i'd play a completely incorrect note during practice, to no fault of my own :-\ (for those who don't know, a saxophone operates on levers, so there aren't any real holes to cover, just buttons to depress).

I still think it'd be fun to pick up a saxophone, but jazz instruments aren't 'cool' anymore, so I occasionally see myself with a bass guitar. ;)
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I have played the piano, organ and clarinet.

I can play the piano, clarinet, saxophone (all) and theremin.

But...I don't actually own a sax atm and that's what I like playing most. Not that I own a theremin, but it'd be cool too.
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Ive played the drums for a few months 1-2 (only recently go a kit although ive been wonting to play for 3 years :-\)

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I use to be in a death/black metal band called 'Op DePop', which is short for Operation De-population. I played the throat - in other words vocalist.
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the theremin? that's awesome! I'd love to learn to play one of those.

I have been playing piano for about 8 years, I've been playing sax for almost a year now, I've been playing guitar for maybe 3 years, but those years haven't been totally serious (so its like I've only played a year), my brother just got a bass so I'm picking that up, and I used to play trumpet for a couple of years.

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Ive played various percussion instruments for 7 years, started off with the snare drum and played the lowest heaviest base drum in High School marching band.


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I played the Trumpet for about a year in my jr. high band, then got sick of it and quit... after breaking my arm and getting behind everyone else because I couldn't practice... ;D
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