Author Topic: Auto Assault 14-day free trial. No Credit Card Needed!  (Read 7256 times)

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Re: Auto Assault 14-day free trial. No Credit Card Needed!
« Reply #30 on: May 25, 2006, 07:13:54 am »
Finding a good group of people (guild/clan/corporation) can make all the difference in the world.  Even that can be a double edged sword; a small core group is fun but then you may have a hard time coordinating schedules.  On the other hand with bigger groups there are more people but more people sooner or later usually means more drama. 

Hard to believe we spend this much time thinking about games, eh?   :o ;D
At one time, I studied no less than six hours a day on MMOGs. That's not playing them, that's me reading analyses of how they function and what obstacles frequent their design most often. This was primarily because I was working on one for a little while and wanted to have as much info as possible, which lead me to various places -- Richard Bartle, Raph Koster, and the Lum the Mad forums back before he went to work for Mythic and the whole thing went to hell. I didn't agree with everything they said but I did learn a lot from their various perspectives: Bartle with MUDs, Koster with UO (this was before SWG), and Lum the Mad's forums on the player experience. And what's odd is, I still find the same problems popping up in current games as what existed then. And anytime a developer neglects the social aspects of the game, I just want to shake my head.

In other news, I have been trying the Auto Assualt trial and I have mixed feelings about it.  The concept is interesting but as it has already been said, the world seems pretty empty.  I have seen a few other players but nobody is really talking much, if at all.  I can't decide if  I like the "arcadish" feel or not, sometimes it's pretty chaotic and I feel like all I am doing is holding down the right mouse button and watching things happen, more like a spectator than a participant.

What's odd is that I could see this working very well for a game more along the lines of Guild Wars where there's no monthly fee and only instanced scenarios for people to form a convoy and go out for some quick, arcade fun. Paying a monthly fee though? That seems ridiculous for this sort of game style.

It's almost like the game was only half heartedly done; some things add to the whole futuristic Road Warrior type feel, like calling groups Convoys instead of groups, but other things just look like filler that was slapped in.  I have noticed a lot of typos in the NPC dialog, not that it means much but it's a sign of poor quality control.  And the load times between areas are sometimes insanely long.

Which is something that still surprises me with WoW: How few and short loading times are in that game. You can practically go from one end of the planet to the other without more than maybe a minute or two of loading screens. It's really impressive.