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[RG] The Kin...
« on: October 12, 2010, 05:22:59 am »
Please don't post on this topic. Post ideas/questions on Tonguetastic



(Section 1 -- System)
Star Type:F8
Planet #1:Kurahai.
Planet #2:Kinshoi.
Planet #3:Sido.
Planet #4:Hakai.

(Section 2 -- Terrain and Atmosphere)
Average Temperature: Hot (steamy).
Liquid:Oceans, lakes/rivers, air (vapor), underground lakes/rivers.
Land-Liquid Ratio:84% ocean/16% land.
Average Terrain:Volcanic/high lands.
Continents:2 but many islands.
Air Density:Dense.
Composition:Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water Vapor, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide.
Length of Day:36 earth hours
Length of Year:474 days

(Section 3 -- Life)
Main Species:Kin/Hive
Native Animals:Simple to advanced, widespread.
Imported Animals:None
Native Plants:Simple to medium, very widespread.
Imported Plants:Sporg Slime (simple)

(Section 4 -- Development)
Structures: Underground dwellings, surface, stone constructs.
% Urban:27% land, 3% planet
Imports:Tech, culture, trade, foreign materials.  
Exports:Food, culture, minerals, life.

The Kinshoius

(Section 1-Biology)
Gravity Preference:0.6G-2G.
Temperature Pref:0C-60C.
Atmosphere Breathed:Nitrogen/Oxygen.
Body Cover:Slightly slimy, thin skin.
Body Colour:Grayish yellow.
Eyes:1 pair of small, colour-blind but inferred eyes.
Eye Colour: Entirely black, no iris or white, just a pupil.
Body Characteristics:Tongue "legs", body in three sections, only 1 pair of true limbs.
Diet:Omnivore but mainly herbivore/scavenger.
Reproduction:Use sexual reproduction, three genders;male/female/children.
Reproduction Method:Eggs are hatched inside a false womb and then given birth live.
Limb Pair #1:Large muscular tongues.
Limb Pair #2: Shorter, bony arms equipped with hands/feet.
Mass:300kg all.
Height:120cm females/130cm males.

(Section 2-Culture)
Racial Tolerance:16
Social Cohesion:18
Lifespan:270 yrs male/300 yrs female
Tech Level:3/4

(Section 3-Culture)
Government Type:Communism/Democracy
Religion: Elementism/Dualism

(Section 4-Extra Things)
360 Vision
Acute Smelling/Taste
Color blind
Extra heart
Heat Tolerance
Heavy sleeper
Nictating membrane
Night Vision
Poor Vision
Poor hearing
Time sense
Vibration sense
Infrared Vision
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Re: [RG] The Kin...
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2010, 11:40:58 am »

Early Origins
The Kin is part of a large, dominant animal family which are Kinshoi's version of vertebrates. They all have two tongue-like appendages, one pair of true arms and a skeletal system of cone (hardened cartilage). They are called the Lingopodes (Latin for "tongue-foot"). They evolved from non-segmented, subterranean worms/fish (=?) with flexible antenna. These worms slowly grew limbs and developed there bodies into three main sections. An upper body (with main organs), a middle body (with reproductive organs and central muscle pack) and a "tail" (excretory organs and water/fat storage). They split up into wildly diverse groups and finally became modern Lingopodes.

The Hive
The Hive is to be considered on of the first senitent creature to exist but on a swarm level. Still, they have the intelligence of a parrot when alone. They were a terrifying power and for a few million years, evolution suffered a breakdown as the balance was severely shifted. But then, 3 my after, they mysteriously disappeared. Some say they are just hibernating, their Queen cocooned in ages...

But some of the drones survived their Queens disappearance, and found themselves alone without the eternal mental control of the Queen. Half of the population died out due to control shock (think when you separate an ant from it's colony)... But some individualistic members survived and started to carve a life from the abandoned tunnels in close knit families. They found better food and new expirences as they ventured near the surface all the time evolving. Soon they became the Kin.

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Re: [RG] The Kin...
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2010, 11:55:27 am »
History Part 1

BL=Before Light, before the Kin ventured to the surface.
AL=After Light, after the Kin settled for a half-underground living.

3.0million Bl-The Hive die out.
2.5million BL-Surviving Hive drones separate.
2.3million BL-Hive drones, or Pre-Kin, slowly migrate to surface.
1.0million BL-Pre-Kin discover Shra-Ha Lake and use it as a travel post.
400,000yrs BL-Pre-Kin invent simple uses of stones. Stone Age begins
100,000yrs BL-Modern Kin evolve, see picture. Continue migrating upwards.
85,000yrs BL-The Great Fire extinction starts on the surface.
85,005yrs BL-The Subterranean Firestorm begins
85,010yrs BL-The Great Fire/The Subterranean Firestorm ends.
80,000yrs BL-Kin discover Hai-Ti river. Kin start using fire as heat in resulting Ash winter.
50,000yrs BL-Hai-Ti used as a fixed nesting site.Shra-Ha/Hai-Ti nesters become distinct tribes.
30,000yrs BL-Stone chipping invented. Advanced uses for rock available for Kin.
20,000yrs Bl-Rock mining starts. More uses for fire discovered.
15,000yrs BL-Great obsidian slab discovered by wanderers.
15,500yrs BL-First Kin shelter made for storing food/materials. Mining on the Great Obsidian Slab begins.
10,000yrs BL-Shra-Ha lake floods. Sra-Ha tribes disappears. Hai-Ti tribes make wood dams to catch fish.
8,000yrs BL-Shallows in the cave wall become first houses.
7,800yrs BL-Cave maps are made on stone slabs and carefully stored.
7,500yrs BL-A huge mud pit discovered. Mud constructs are made.
7,000yrs BL-Thoughts of Elementism are drawn on slabs. Fire used to make clay.
5,000yrs BL-A religion based on elements and "RIGHT", "LEFT" are made and followed.
3,000yrs BL-Copper seams discovered. Stone working reaches prime.
3,500yrs BL-The surface reaches religion in drawings.
2,000yrs BL-Copper smelting discovered after a toy was dropped in fire and changed shape.
1,950yrs BL-first copper smelts are created using stone. Age of Copper begins.
1,800yrs BL-Many different tribes form. Other than Hai-Ti, biggest tribe is Ehio cavern tribe.
1,710yrs BL-A caste of powerful and powerless form in Hai-Ti tribe. Civil tensions rise.
1,700yrs BL-First war begins between Hai-Ti castes.
1,699yrs BL-Power caste loses. Smelters go with them (they were part of the power caste).
1,650yrs BL-Hai-Ti is in need of copper. Ehio tribe sends smelters in return for obsidian.
1,625yrs BL-First official trade route begins between Hai-Ti and Ehio tribes.
1,000yrs BL-A small amount of tin seams are found in the ancient Shra-Ha lake. Shra-Ha re-populated.
700yrs BL-Tin is smelted. But to rare to be used freely. Tin becomes Kin's gold
600yrs BL-An elder smeltsmith mixes tin and copper to make bronze. Tin frenzy begins.
500yrs BL-Hai-Ti becomes permanent settlement. 8 more tin sites discovered. Bronze rockets. Stone dies.
400yrs BL-Dahai (Kin's new religion) pilgrims set out to find "the fire in the sky".
300yrs BL-Dahai pilgrims reach a population of nearly 1000. Hai-Ti has 5000 and Ehio has 2500.
200yrs BL-A a surface-based religion separates from Dahai, Diahai. They journey to the surface to.
100yrs BL-The surface race begins. New tribes form very close to the surface.
50yrs BL-Only 5 members of the Diahai pilgrimage survive after being attacked by a pack of Surge beasts,
1yrs BL-Dahai scouts say of a bright dot of light near the cave of the mouth.
0yrs BL-The Dahai walk into the burning light of the sun... they see light everywhere...

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Re: [RG] The Kin...
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Re: [RG] The Kin...
« Reply #4 on: October 14, 2010, 09:09:50 am »
Got the pictures.
Note:Another thin line means 2 organs.

Digestive System(green) & Respiratory System(blue):

More Coming...

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Re: [RG] The Kin...
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2010, 05:51:22 am »
The Tattoo Culture

In 10,000 BL, the main mining started on the Great Obsidian Slab (soon to become Obsidius) and hundereds of new uses were thought up for this fantastic rock. But in 2,000 BL smelting was invented and some bright spark decided to do something fun, drop a rock in a smeltcraft. Stupid because rocks explode on fire :-\ But at such high smelting temperatures, the Obsidian melted and became a liquid. The bright spark was called Tatooni and his abilities in decoration and his natural curiosity soon made the explicit tattoo culture.

At first, the burning obsidian was painfully (LIKE, PAINFULLY!) painted on with simple brushes. This way actually remained for over 1000 yrs. But then, another discovery changed the culture all over again. The Squiborb plant. It contains a strange liquid inside a thin balloon. Stangely, the plant lives beside lava. So it wasn't a big step to combine some part of the plant with fire resistance. Of course, that part was the liquid which was eagerly studied by scientists AND tattooists. This liquid could solve the pain in the tattoo culture, which could spread it across a wider public. Maveric mixing expermets were tested on Squiborb ink and molten obsidian. Soon the right combination was discovered and cooled, liquid obsidian could be painted on flesh.

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Re: [RG] The Kin...
« Reply #6 on: October 22, 2010, 07:43:57 am »
History Part 2

AL=After Light

A-Wonder and astonishment spread the Kin public.
1yrs AL-A small settlement is built in Waya Cave, near the surface, by the Dahai.
3yrs AL-Diahai regroups as a wandering clan.
5yrs AL-Three major nations cities form:Hai-Ti River Nation, Ehio Cavern Nation and Tal-Che Copper Nation.
20yrs AL-Dahai Nation forms when surface construction begins.
50yrs AL-Tin sources waning, Shra-Ha repopulated for tin. Dahai becomes major nation.
70yrs AL-Ehio/Hai-Ti trade route flourishes. Minor nations built across route.
100yrs AL-Shra-Ha mines become nation once again. Hai-Ti/Shra-Ha tin trade route is created.
200yrs AL-Great Trade Road is constructed*. It runs through the 3 major nations and Shra-Ha.
250yrs AL-Diahai becomes big news as they decide to become first full surface nation.
400yrs AL-Tattoo Culture begins. Diahai discover coast and becomes major Nation.
400yrs AL-Diahai creates ocean-side settlement. Diahai becomes Ocean Nation.
450yrs AL-Trade route becomes slow. Copper/Tin/Obsidian demands grow higher.
500yrs AL-Work begins on a Trade canal to carry materials faster using Diahai boats.
600yrs AL-Trade pressure increases. Nations start to shrink without resources.
700yrs AL-Trade canal finished. Trade continues.
1000yrs AL-Strange work by Diahai on a light ark begins. Relationships with Diahai decrees.
1500yrs AL-People leave cites for quiet family life. Diahai disappear from communication lines.
1600yrs AL-Nations shrink even more. A secret government is created in Ehio and Hai-Ti.
1630yrs AL-Secret government are placed in action. People are denied outward passage and trade
1650yrs AL-Tension rise. First riots since Power War.
1700yrs AL-Light Ark reaches Ania Island. Large, almost endless riots damage Ehio and Hai-Ti.
1800yrs AL-An organized separatist force in Hai-Ti does a final attack on government forces. It succeeds...
1801yrs AL-Separation War begins. Hai-Ti separatists take control of trade route. Hai-Ti in ruins.
1810yrs AL-Great Road Battle. Separatists win and march to Ehio.
1813yrs AL-Ehio slaughter is carried out by The Government in fear of rebellion. Remaining inhabitants anger
                 and also carry out a major push out of the lock down but it fails. Separatist forces reach Ehio.
1815yrs AL-The largest battle is carried out in Ehio. The Freedom Battle. Massacres are carried out in
                between the major forces.
1816yrs AL-The Freedom Battle ends with the invention of "FIREPOWER" by the the separatists. Ehio is
                destroyed in the biggest artificial explosion on Kinshoi. Separation war ends and so does the
                old world with only 2 remaining super powers, Dahai and Tal-Che.
2000yrs AL-A small age total union starts in an attempt to rebuild Kinshoi.
2500yrs AL-Total Union ends. New World begins. Remaining separatists create the
                .Obsidius.Independent.Mining.Coalition. Shra-Ha becomes the most technological city and also
                becomes a major nation. Waya cave becomes starting point for triangle trade route+
                (Dahai, Shra-Ha and Tal-Che) and numerous family societies dot the sub-surface.
2600yrs AL-Major agriculture begins as food supply drops for family societies (pack animals are already used
                commonly for trade). Small fungus farms and directed herds are used.

More Coming Soon

*=It's not on the map I'm afraid.
+=Waya Cave is the Stop Off.