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Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!
« on: May 15, 2006, 04:49:09 pm »
First off, if anything regarding the language seems strange to you, it is due to English not being my native tongue. If you find any severe mistakes, please feel free to inform me!
My creature "Ren-Bai" is by no means finished, there are basically loads of stuff I want to write up (especially regarding languages and history.. also the society has only been scratched yet) - the Ren-Bai picture needs a proper shading as well. I just felt like I could use some "professional" opinions on how people like the concept so far.
You may notice that my Ren-Bai resembles some actual animals in a fistful of aspects - so yeah, I thought, storing water on one's back like a camel is a cool idea, so I.. well. stole it ^^ (though I know it's but a myth).
I hope you enjoy my concept, have fun!

General Info
The "Ren-Bai" are sapient creatures, which evolved on a very hot planet named "NaemZay" which translates to "fire ground". Probably this is, why most of Ren-Bai civilization is aimed towards warfare and annihilation, as many wars have been fought over the rare water supplies.
Ren-Bai literally means "people of the east", which derives from an ancient myth, saying that the Ren-Bai were sent to NaemZay by gods, who live in the far, eastern realms, to conquer the remaining world. As a fact, the cradle of Ren-Bai civilization lies in the eastern lands of the large NaemZay continent (from which all of NaemZay got it's name), but they were forced to emigrate, when a vast vulcanic eruption turned the rich farmlands into barren wasteland. The mythical eastern realms are still today described as a "garden of eden".

Ren-Bai possess a total of 8 limbs. The 4 hind limbs are used as legs most of the time, while the two front legs can also be utilized as gripping device - they also play an important role in communication (as seen later). The front limbs are actually 2 arms, which split into 4 arms at the elbow. Having 4 hands with 3 fingers each, the Ren-Bai are quite virtuous at using technical devices although originally, their purpose was to be used as weapons (hence the long, robust fingernails of the middle fingers). The dorsal fin is used not only to balance the body but also to store the rare water - the head's fin on the other hand is used to express emotions and create certain sounds in Ren-Bai languages. Spikes can be found all over the lower head. Their purpose is to protect the eggs, which are kept in the mother's pharynx until about 10 days before they would hatch. Two pairs of eyes can be found near the snout (used not only to eat/taste and speak, but only to smell), which sprouts 3 pairs of barbels.
The front pair already grows at infant Ren-Bai and reach their full length at puberty - this is also, when the middle pair starts to grow. When the middle pair reaches about half the front pair's length, the Ren-Bai has lived about half his life-span. A common proverb, claiming that old people "have surpassed one's barbel" derives from this. The back pair of barbels, which grow late in the Ren-Bai lifecycle - or not at all - are regarded as a symbol of great wisdom - accordingly, old age senility is referred to as "losing one's barbels". Long barbels are also an expression of health and a long life.
What appears to be lachrymal sacks are actually the Ren-Bai's acoustic organs. The organ's membrane is very sensitive in order to notice sound waves. Yet, this also results into their "ears" being especially fragile.
Depiction of a grown-up Ren-Bai (including "Ren-Bai" written in Ren-Bai pictograms)

Ancient Ages
~3000 - ~20 B.G. (Before Gyen Nem; Ren-, which roughly translates to "Task of the eastern gods")
The first Ren-Bai tribes were situated in a small part of eastern NaemZay. Though water was generally rare, harvests would still yield more than enough food for the yet small population. After the "Han" volcano erupted, the tribes were ought to leave their homeland. It is said that an ancient priest named Yonmen Zjuan-Quai united most of the tribes to lead them out of the eastern realms into the huge western and northern plains. Although it is likely a myth, large statues picturing Yonmen can be found in most Ren-Bai cities.

Nomad Ages
~20 B.G. - ~500 A.G.
For quite a long time, competing Ren-Bai tribes inhabitated mainly northern Naem Zay. As agriculture was near to impossible, they relied on hunting small animals and berry bushes. Most of the tribes lived as nomads, following the animal herds when they were wandering south during the hot, hostile summers. Water was precious, whole tribes died of thirst, when the rainy season was too short for the rivers to fill. Some tribes even waged wars because of rare water supplies. Soldiers used mainly short spears and slingshots.
During the Nomad Ages, some Ren-Bai tribes started to tame wild Naem Gwai ("Fire Demons", a robust, fast predator), which they used not only for hunting, but also as mounts. Still today, due to their aggressive nature, Naem Gwai are used in the imperial army.

Golden City Ages
~500 A.G. - ~900 A.G.
Around 500 A.G., NaemZay cooled down a little. As a result, some Ren-Bai tribes settled down and started to cultivate the land once again. Over the years, several large cities established, the biggest ones being Yan Quam Renkei, which is still today capital of the Ren-Bai Empire, Zengan, which nowadays lies in ruins and Guan Yöm, which is popular among tourists, as it's temple (built in 780. A.G.) is said to be the most beautiful and astonishing one all over NaemZay.
The cities were ruled by supreme suvereigns, each one being a nation of it's own. Although there were several small wars, the Golden City Ages were all around very peaceful. On the other hand, the cities tended to banish those unwanted among the society, namely criminals, homeless and unemployed people.

Dark Ages
~900 A.G. - 1103 A.G.
-to be added-

Reconstruction Ages
1103 A.G. - 1394 A.G.
-to be added-

Modern Ages
1394 A.G. - 1623 A.G.
-to be added-

Unity Ages
1623 A.G. - 1708 A.G.
-to be added-

Interplanetary Ages
1708 A.G. - 1986 A.G.
In 1708, the first, primitive Ren-Bai space vessel crash-landed on JângenZay ("Cold Ground"), a large planet of mild climate near NaemZay. Due to technical difficulties, early expeditions yielded numerous casualties, it was not until 1746, that a successful team of astronauts could analyze samples of JângenZay's atmosphere and soil. Not only did the soil contain lots of water - which was still precious on the Ren-Bai homeworld - but also valuable ores. The Ren-Bai government quickly established regular space missions to JângenZay until in 1780, a large mining facility was finally established. The majority of miners were homeless and unemployed people, about 40% from the poor, northern parts of NaemZay. Over the years, as spaceship technology improved, several other planets and moons of the Ren-Bai home system were colonized
In 1841, following various political debates, JângenZay declared independence. Exports of ores and water where rapidly stopped, putting NaemZay into a large economic crisis. Though colonization continued, even conquering planets outside of the Ren-Bai home system, many colonies followed JângenZay's example, declaring independence - unity of Ren-Bai civilization ended.

Empire Ages
1986 A.G. onwards
in 1986, right-winged monarchist pulled a coup d'état, founding a Ren-Bai Empire on NaemZay. Right-winged conservatives and miliarists still thought of the former colonies as being the "motherland's" rightful property - eventually, the Empire used it's superior military forces to annex JângenZay, by far the most powerful planetary colony, to make an example of how they would treat those, who oppose them. Nonetheless, a fistful of planets formed the "Union of Resistance against NaemZay Dictatorship".
Still today, the Galactic Empire trys to smite the Union, who heavily defense their planets.

Until deep into the modern ages, the vast majority of Ren-Bai believed in the Eastern Gods. Accordingly, the planet was believed to be "two-dimensional" with heaven in the east and an infinite, gigantic world in the west. The Eastern Gods were huge in numbers and similar to the Ren-Bai in their appearance, but with burning, white eyes and voices, which were said to make everyone cry of admiration and fear at sight.
Recently though, with the empire being an atheist state and suppressing religious organizations and citizens, almost all of the Ren-Bai have lost their faith. Religious people are a minority nowadays.

History of Ren-Bai Language
Not much is known about the ancient Ren-Bai languages, as during the Dark Ages, significant amounts of culture were destroyed. There was probably a wide range of local dialects and languages, though in the late Nomad Ages already, some tribes began to develop a common sign language which should later become the headstone of Common Ren-Bai.
Opposed to Common Ren-Bai, a large number of "savages" is still speaking Naem-Bai Höng. Naem-Bai Höng ("Language of the Fire People") is a family of languages, which derives from ancient northern nomad dialects. It is mainly spoken in the northern, less civlized countries. Though it's influence and the amount of native speakers are shrinking, lots of youngters (especially those who live suburbian districts and ghettos) begin to learn Naem-Bai Höng as a second (or third) language, imitating members of the Naem-Bai People's Association - a political organization of militaristic revolutionaries. Thus Naem-Bai Höng recently became a part of left-winged youth's subcultures.

Ren-Bai Höng (Common Ren-Bai)
As Common Ren-Bai was initially a sign language, still today, signs are used in spoken language.
Ren-Bai Höng uses signs to express tense and case, which are transcribed as various symbols into English.

Usage of time in the Common Ren-Bai Language

Past Tense
Used to refer to events which happened a longer time ago.
Expressed by pointing the front foots' toes downwards. Transcribed into English by putting relevant information into <...>
Example: <Lem an gon> translates to "The tree was big."

Recent Tense -
Used to refer to events which happened not quite long ago (up to ~a month ago). Apart from Present Tense, Recent Tense is used the most in Common Ren-Bai.
Expressed by pointing the front foots' front toes sideways, back toe downwards. Transcribed into English by putting relevant information into (...)
Example: (Lem an gon) roughly translates to "I recently found out that the tree is big."

Present Tense
Used to refer to events which are happening at the very moment or which commonly happen. By far the most used tense.
Expressed by pointing the front foots' toes at each other. Translated into English by leaving out brackets.
Example: Lem an gon translates to "The tree is big."

Possible Tense
Used to refer to events which may possibly happen somewhen in the future.
Expressed by slightly shaking the front feet. Translated into English by putting relevant information into {...}
Example: {Lem an gon} roughly translates to "The tree might be big somewhen."

Future Tense
Used to refer to events which will (no matter what) happen in the future. Commonly, Ren-Bai tend to not use this tense very often (except for cases like "Tomorrow, the sun will be shining"), as most future events are hard to foresee. Interestingly though, it is used a lot in propaganda campaigns, military and politics.
Expressed by pointing the front feets' toes upwards. Translated into English by putting relevant information into [...]
Example: [Lem an gon] roughly translates to "The tree will absolutely be big somewhen."

Cases in Common Ren-Bai
The following table shows the seven cases in Ren-Bai Höng. In spoken language they are expressed by usage of the lower pair of hands.

NominativeWho?NoneLem An GonThe Tree is big.
AccusativeWho?'Ren-Bai Ka Lem'The Ren-Bai sees the tree.
DativeWhom?*Ren-Bai Yemnen Lem' Asam*The Ren-Bai shows the tree to me.
GenitiveWhose?;Dom Lem An Asam;This is my tree.
LocativeWhere?-Asam An Lem-I am at the tree.
InstrumentalWith what?~Asam Bansen Lem' Sen~I cut the tree using a knife.
ComitativeWith whom?#Asam An Lem- Ren-Bai#I am at the tree with the Ren-Bai.

-to be added-

<--The Ren-Bai language is still in it's infacy, so most of it's grammar is still a bit sparse.-->

Naem-Bai Höng
-to be added-

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Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!

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Re: Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2006, 05:01:01 pm »
 my word thats long, but Two pairs of eyes can be found near the snout (used not only to eat/taste and speak, but only to smell) you lost me there, so much info, just a few pics and your set and maybe a map of the planet, it seems interesting. now it just be me but "The tree might be big somewhen." the somewhen dosen't have to be there but I think that's just my grammer. otherwise this is great, lots of info,history,languege, and the barble thing was nice too "losing one's barbels". 
lol, this will go far.
Bow down fool. HAHAHA!

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Re: Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2006, 09:04:24 am »
Thanks for your feedback :D

I added a SporeWiki (great page btw) article today and put in some new stuff (Ren-Bai Höng Phonology, some information about the writing system etc.). If you're interested, you can read it up here!

I hope you enjoy it, although there is still a lot missing. I will also add some pictures sometime later... which will probably be a lot later as I'm not a natural born artist.
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!

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Re: Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2006, 09:21:31 am »
nice creature, alot of work and very imanganitive !
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Re: Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!
« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2006, 12:21:48 pm »
Interesting, but it seems you're forgetting the Vocative and Ablative case...or do they not have that? Ah me, that's my Latin getting all worked up...

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Re: Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2006, 12:48:06 pm »
Well, I read it all, except for the language(too complex for me :P). It was a good read. It's well written and interesting, and that covers for the occasional spelling error or grammar mistake.  ;) Love to see more pictures but also more text.  ;)

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Re: Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!
« Reply #6 on: May 16, 2006, 04:04:26 pm »
Thanks again for the feedback! :)

As for your questions...
Nope, there is no vocative and ablative... yet, that is. I might be editing the language a lot, because I simply love to fool around with languages and phonetics. I still have to work on the Naem-Bai Höng language a whole lot. Though it will share similarities with Ren-Bai Höng, there will also be differences (especially regarding phonetics, they also have some differences in grammatical cases - having no dative and accusative, but an objective case)!

@huggkruka It would be kind of you to inform me about those spelling and grammar mistakes, if you have the time! :) I still have to improve my English in some aspects.

For those, who are interested (I think a13gt asked about it), I created a small map of the NaemZay planet! Also available at my Sporewiki article, together with some additional information, which will - of course - be expanded a lot!

I hope you enjoy it!
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!

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Re: Ren-Bai - A barbelicious creature!
« Reply #7 on: July 10, 2006, 12:30:23 pm »
Just so the author knows, the Ren-bai has been chosen as a creation of the week on SporeWikiSee this creatures page on the wiki.
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