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Oblivion RPG
« on: May 08, 2006, 08:23:21 pm »
Think of this as a online version of Oblivion.
It is perfered that you have the game before posting here if you dont and want to post here you can find the basic storyline
and here is a description of the skills
and here is some links to the map
#1:Post your stats ie age race birthsign personality.
#2:Dont kill other players stealing and hurting are fine.
#4:Dont do anything that you couldent do in real life if you lived in the elder scrolls planet.
#5:Dont have other people say/do thing that dont fit there personality.

So lets get started

Name:Jake Trovis
Birthsign:The thief
Personality:Easily annoyed likes to joke around sometimes.

Jake was sitting in his cell as he waited for his food to come, but instead of food the emperor came and asked the jail keeper what he was doing in that cell.
The jail keeper said that is was a mix up and asked Jake to back up to the window at the back of his cell and he did.The emeror the walked up and pressed a secret switch the opened up a hole in the wall leading into a cave.

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