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Unusual limb configuration
« on: May 08, 2006, 12:27:30 pm »
The creature I've been thinking up has at least one odd characteristic: arms that attach just above the front ankles.

The creature as a whole would have a squat central, 2-part body.  The neck would be fairly wide and the head would be mostly a wide mouth below a couple eyes with some hairy eyebrows.  The back portion of the body might have a shell on top with a rounded belly facing down.  The legs would protrude from the back portion with high knees like a spider.  The arms then attach to the front two legs just above the ankles.  Skin would be brown and leathery, maybe with some dark brown details.

I expect this to give it some odd capabilities, moving its front legs could give it greater reach, also it should be able to reposition its body and mouth fairly easily.  The question is, can the system handle this odd configuration since the position of two functional parts will depend on the position of two other functional parts.  Sure it would be able to animate it, and handle everything to a degree, but the real question is, would it figure out that it can move its front legs to help its arms achieve goals?

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