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The Jazz room.
« on: April 29, 2006, 09:31:31 am »
This is my RPG, it has alittle bit of different poll options, but not that different.

You wake up and feel no ground blow you, you are falling. You open yours eyes and are struck with more fear than ever, evry thing is dark exepct for the glowing spikes on the ground. For some reason it is taking a long time to fall, as if it isn't real. You can't think that much, fear is clowding up your thoughts, the only thing you can do is fallow basic instict, what will you do?

A. You can't do anything, just fall and wait to die.
B. Try to land in a way you can't get hit.
C. Try and hang on to something, like a wall.
D.Look around and try to think straight.
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Re: Pit
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Sorry for not updatting, didn't think anyone was looking at it, no one was posting so it didn't get bumped.
A wins.

The ground and spikes vanish. You are laying in sand, gray sand. "What the..." You say to your self, and you can see the sand going on forever, no stop. You look up, you see no sun, just a pure white...celling? You don't see anything, no rocks, no moutins, you can't even see your body. You feel numb, you can only see and hear, and all you hear is a buzzing noise from the emptyness, but thne you feel something. You feel a mixture of sore mucles and like your body is filled with sand, you start getting a tingle feeling, and suddenly your body appears, and you fall throught the sand. Luckily, you get hold of a long pole, you are on the outside of a building, inside the building is where you just were. Your are miles up, and you can't see the ground, the top of the building isn't high up. It looks like an easy climb, but you can allso go down to other rooms.

A) Go to the top
B) Go down to the room that has music emmerging from it.
C) Go down to the room with the shiny, golden window.
D) Go back to the sand.
E) Go to the window above you, wich has a clicking noise comeing from it.
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Re: Pit
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E cliky clickity click.
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Re: Pit
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2006, 06:32:09 am »
B wins

You climb down to the room with loud music comeing from it, sounds like jazz. You look through the window, seems like an orchestra is going on in side, you try to open the window but it is locked. You yell to people, telling them to let you in, but no one notices. You try every thing, kicking the window, punching it, yelling louder, trying to pick lock it, nothing works. That is when some one sees you. Someone, just standing there, not in the band, just standing htere, sees you. He has a gun, he opens the window, you go in.

"Why were you out there?" he asked, " The windows are mine." He points the gun towards you, you have a chance to exscape,

A) You can go back the way you got it.
B) Try to knock the gun out of his hands.
C) Run through the band.
D) Go to the "EXIT" door.
E) Yell, "HELP!"

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Re: Pit
« Reply #4 on: May 13, 2006, 10:17:54 pm »
E wins.

You yell for help, and something weird happens (of coarse). The people ignore you, like they can't even hear you, for a sencond every one disapears, then reapear. The man continues holding the gun, seeming mader now, and alittle frightend.

"Never do that again!" He yelled, and he moved the gun to aim it.


 Then every one notices you,  and the man sees that they are getting up and coming to help you. The next thing you know, the man is gone. You are not bleeding, and not hurting that much, and every one ask what was going on.  You try to tell them that things are okay now, for some odd reason, and they all go back to their seets, ignoring you again.

You get up and examine the room, finally free from danger, it is very big, big room. It has no windows, just a room for plays, musicals, not that interesting. Wait. It has no windows, but you got in through a window, that was impossible! You could've sworn it was there when you were by the man, allso, it seems that your clothes have changed.  "This is to much" You say to your self, trying to recall what happened and how you were falling in the first place, but then you had a sudden erge to sit down and watch, and you sat in the audience, and watched. And watched. And watched. The same song, over and over and over and over and over and over.  Time is lost, so are your thoughts, when you hear a noise, you feel numb, your eyes un-focus for a second, and the music stops, your thoughts slowly emerge for a few seconds. Half of your mind tells you to sit down ignore it, half of your mind has sudden  curiousity. You see a boy, the boy was small, roundish. He looks confussed, and you feel like you must help him, apparently every one else does to, because they follow you. There was something weird about the boy.

He had purple skin.

What are going to do?

A: Ask him what happened.
B: Run away, out of confusion.
C: Talk to the other people.
D: Ask if you can help him.
E: Ask why he has purple skin!
F: Ask the other people why the band plays the same song, and why they allways sit down.
G: Ask where you are.

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Re: The Jazz room.
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2006, 11:26:23 pm »

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Re: The Jazz room.
« Reply #6 on: June 01, 2006, 09:19:34 am »
No bumping plese.

You ask every one where you are, and they don't seem to know either. But the pirple boy explans a story like yours, he was out side of a huge building, lost. He allso explaned two men, he described one as the guy you saw, black jacket, black shoes, blue jeans, and a young, pale face. The other guy was someone you didn't see, he looked like the othe guy but with black jeans and a old, wrinkle, pale face with eyes that weren't there. The purple guy explains how they talked about seeing the windows or something, and they knocked him out. The talking soon died down and people tell you that they are in the jazz room, as simple as that. A few people go back to return to your seats. You realize that you must do something before you sit down again.

But what?

A Yell "Help"!
B Yell "Don't play the music!"
C Insult the music.
D Run for the door
E Look for the window.

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« Reply #7 on: June 05, 2006, 11:30:04 am »
E. and C.

What will you do?