Author Topic: Mine Schnappy, just kidding XD, My creature kuro  (Read 1239 times)

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Mine Schnappy, just kidding XD, My creature kuro
« on: April 24, 2006, 12:26:32 am »

Or if that doesnt work

I call it a kuro (japanese for black), was going to put a mouth just below the torso but pen was too fat and kinda blotched it out :-\ blades for arms (or talons if that cant be accommodated for spore) spikey feet, most likely going to be insectoid  ;D

I dont really care about the text or history of my race, i just thought that i should put something different out there other than alot of the creatures i see now, a few of which are pretty good, a few of which are rips off real life animals and a few which could have been done justice by a better artist.

This is based on a variety of mecha and anime influences, a reminder to creature creators, dont limit urself to existing animals, i cant wait to see some creaures based on mythological, cultural and other kinds of influences.

(yay!, put in in the right forum this time  ;D)

Sitting quietly waiting for spore's release....... for 2 years and counting T_T.