Should the Wexxians go out with a “Goodbye friends” RP, or should they just fade from focus of galactic politics.

Bye Robots… we got it covered while you guys are away! Bon Voyage. (RP)
No way… an inactive Wexxian is still better than no Wexxian at all. (No RP)

Author Topic: The Robotic Wexxians  (Read 205643 times)

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Re: The Robotic Wexxians
« Reply #780 on: February 15, 2009, 08:05:05 am »

ID: Nerrug-Nagal-02

Name: Animak

Species: Wexxian-Fevas Ameus Alecus (Servant-of-all who thinks and feels) Reborn Wexxian

Age: 7sy

Place of Origin: Hatia

Appearance: X-large Sombreonoid Shell. Custom “Tattoo” Paint Job of his own design.

Family: Deceased.

Voice: Loud and booming.

Personality: Empathic and Reckless, Never gives up. 

Intelligence: Mid-low for a Wexxian

Occupation:  Pilot in the Royal Wexxian Navy, Vanguard Squad 23 aboard the Flagship Freedom.

Ancestry: Comes from a long line of military Wexxians.

Ambition: To once and for all dismiss the 2000 year old myth about Wexxians, not being able to fight.

Quote: “This is going to be FUN!”

Greatest Strength: His fighting spirit.

Greatest Weakness: His recklessness and his poor strategic gifts.

Description: Animak is a soldier, pure and simple. The order comes and he charges... sometimes also before the order. He has little patience for politics or strategy and prefers open combat to subterfuge or other cowardly tactics. He claims to be a Zeshinist but only says so because he admires the Torpals and their culture. Being almost four meters tall, the golem-like Wexxian can be quite intimidating as well as inspiring when he charges into battle. However, his lacking strategic skills keeps him from being a true leader. Privately he is known to be a very jovial person who always sticks up for his flight mates. He enjoys flying, Shoot-em-Up Games and Grav-Ball. 

Good Pilot.
Excellent fighter.
Inspiring personality.

Pacifier Ionic Gun ‘Modified.’

Whew, it’s been a long time since I last posted anything here. I finally completed a drawing on my new Laptop/tablet and despite the crude first attempt at Gec’s style; I’m actually pleased with the result. I do wonder if there is anyone (Besides Yuu) who can guess what anime character inspired the creation of Animak... I know I left at least four different clues.

I’ll try to be more active on the forum but I can make no promises. It’s my nature to be unpredictable and I rarely plan far ahead. Nevertheless, it’s good to be back. I wonder if I should make a Wexxian 2.0 thread... this old thread is nearing 55 pages and I can be tough to keep track of all the information between old Rp bits and random rubbish. I am also considering expanding my posting to DeviantArt and FictionPress.com for more constructive criticism from other artists and writers. But I am uncomfortable about spreading the Wexxians to others without asking you guys for your opinion first... I may have invented the Wexxians, but they belong to us all. Besides, Introducing outsiders to the wonders of the Spore RP Universe will take a large bit of effort, as the amount of detail and back story is staggering. So it’s not anything I’ll do overnight.
No matter if I do it or not, this will always be the home of the Wexxians. This Forum gave life to them as it did so many other wondrous creations.

Comments and criticism is welcomed.

This is dedicated to my Grandmother Eva Holck Vesterager, who taught me that with enough willpower; nothing is impossible. A woman, who never lost a fight in her life, be it with people, disease or even death itself. Who chose to finally die, last Monday after having beaten death eight times to the continued amazement of both doctors and family. She died 87 years old, with a smile on her lips and a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. Goodbye Grandma, I will never forget you.

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Re: The Robotic Wexxians
« Reply #781 on: February 15, 2009, 02:59:25 pm »
absolutely great, Jack, all of it :)

as for 'expanding' to dA or something...I'll be the first one to welcome you there  ;)
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Re: The Robotic Wexxians
« Reply #782 on: August 26, 2010, 03:55:40 pm »
I think the wexxians are awesome!

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Re: The Robotic Wexxians
« Reply #783 on: September 04, 2010, 05:08:13 am »
Wait is this the old thread? Why was this bumped?

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Re: The Robotic Wexxians
« Reply #784 on: September 05, 2010, 06:00:01 am »
A well meaning youngster wanting to express his admiration for the Wexxians, it seems!

Anyway, I'm locking this thread, so it may rest in peace. Comments should be redirected to the new Wexxian Empire thread.

As always... the Wexxians eternal love to you all!  :)