Author Topic: PSOBB in free beta until June 10th  (Read 2255 times)

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PSOBB in free beta until June 10th
« on: May 12, 2005, 05:11:06 pm »
PSOBB stands for Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. The PC game that is currently in free beta if basicly the same game as the normal PSO for the GCN and X-box. But it is fun playing through a slightly different story line and playing as a different character. and for people like me who origonaly played the GCN version its very nice playing PSO online (conisdering online is in its name)

    I recomend all those who like PSO or have never tryed PSO to download and try the beta at least until the free version ends on June 10th. For those who hated PSO for GCN/ X-box then avoid this one like the plauge. Its too similer to spark any new intrest.

Other than that, the servers have been doing well (exept they were down most of yesterday) Have fun, my name in PSO is bwl2, I try to stay on the first server. ;)

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