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Creature Creation: Perin
« on: April 08, 2006, 10:46:17 pm »

Creature Name: Perin
Classification: Amphipian
Height: around 5 ft.
Length: around 7 ft.
Physical Features: Bipedal, 4 fins remaining from their last evoluntionary stage, Oval sound wave inputs.
Chemical Receptive Antennas which acts as a smell input, and also the chemical absorption of plant cells.
Communication: Perinish, which is produced by the various humming sounds of the 4 fins. The combination of the 4 fins humming
sound makes different combinations of sounds and dialect for communication. They also have a written language.

Perins originate from the planet Prauns, a humid tropical planet with 80% of its surface under shallow water.
Because of their agility and quickness underwater, they were able to survive from the carnivorous predators during their early
stage of evolution.
Perins are herbivores, thus their physical feature need to emphasize
speed, which is why they didn't get rid of their fins even though they started spending more time on land.
Ever since they started using tools, they have been cooperative of each others tribes, often holding feasts together
and trading extensively for centuries while developing their civilization. However, as they started to grow an organized religious theocracy, a schism occured, known as the Great Praunian Schism, it literally divided the whole population of Perins into two sects.
First of all, the Perins religion is the Lecleje. Much like the majority of modern homo sapiens, Perins have a monotheistic religion.
However, they practiced monotheism much earlier than homo sapiens started to. Their one God is the Palatis, meaning
the "United One" in Perinish language.
The two divided sects were Veritton and Mottelli. The Verittons believed that there should be a structured hierarchy in the
Lecleje religion. That, Palatis only listened to the high ranking priests of the organization, which represented the whole
of Perins. The Mottellis, however, believed the religious organization merely exists to provide the needs of spiritual teaching
but not the direct relationship with their God, Palatis. For two millenia Perins were waging war all over the planet Prauns,
which nearly made the planet inhospitable for any life. But in 145 U.C. a Perin named Sendini graduated from the Verittonian
Military Academy, and joined the Veritton Army. As an officer, he was extremely charismatic and inspiring to his troops. He soon
rose up to the rank of Grand Marshall of the Army. At the time, in 167 U.C., the Mottelli army commanded by Rupien had cornered the Veritton territory and was on the verge of sieging and capturing the capital of Veritton, Verleone. But with his ingenious strategy, Sendini held its defensive line, while utilizing his amphibious troops and the coast to spontaneously counter attack the Mottelli main force from all sides. Soon, Rupien's army was completely surrounded, and later decimated. With that, Sendini and the Veritton armed forces pushed toward Mottelli, and by 240 U.C. the capital of Mottelli, Randuci, was captured. Ever since, the Perins have one theocratic government, with its complex structure and ranking, known only as Lecceoni.

Flag of Lecceoni

Symbol of Lecleje

Their architectural style follows the resemblence of medieval gothic style of humans. They live in tall spires and the center of
all settlement is the Ver Hall, where Perins come to wash themselves in the Holy Spring inside the Hall.

The Perin culture is dictated by religion. Anyone speaking ill of Palatis is catapulted into the void of space to suffocate and die.
Their name is recognized first by their birth name (which the priest who witness the birth names) and a double name that first
include the Priest's birth name (who witnessed the birth) followed by the male father's birth name. I.E. Michiluv (birth name designated by the priest who witnessed
the birth) Richien-Etivuin (the priest's birth name - father's birth name)
The average life of Perin is 60 Praunian years (1 Praun yr. = 2 Earth yr.)

Their main weaponry utilizes the force of water. Most of their vehicles are propelled by shooting dissolving water on the rear. Though water might seem harmless, several variation that is mixed with deadly toxins or with nanoscopic time bombs can devastate any form of resistance.
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Re: Creature Creation: Perin
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Man I wish my scanner works.  :'(
Sorry about my crappy Microsoft Paint artwork.